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  1. count me in too! was definitely hoping for meeting new people from the faculty, and a shame that the situation has impacted that aspect of the law school experience
  2. I'm tentatively crossing out big corporations, and I lean slightly towards public interest or more individual-based fields; with what pzabby said in mind, it seems like UBC might be the better choice in that regard.
  3. @pzabbythesecond that's really helpful, thanks! I agree about your point about having to decide early on what to do, it seems like something I wouldn't know until after my first year of law (but clearly I have to make a decision before then, regardless).
  4. @vancity123 Thank you very much, that's extremely helpful information -- did not know very much about just how complicated healthcare could be for my situation, and sounds like the bar is also more of a hassle than it would be in BC. I spent an exchange semester (4 months) in Montreal a year ago, so I'm somewhat familiar with daily life there but obviously not very in-depth.
  5. @LawSchoolJock I never stated that I necessarily wanted to move to Montreal long term, but I do have very positive experiences with the city -- although you seem bent on convincing me to go elsewhere, so I doubt any extra information on my part would be useful. Are you currently a law student/alumni of a Quebec law school?
  6. I should probably clarify my French skills -- I am pretty confident in my ability to read/write since a significant portion of my degree is done in French, and I'm not overly concerned about picking up some extra oral practice. That being said, I appreciate your detailed analysis! I'd also like to know if anyone else has more knowledge on McGill's placement data.
  7. Like is a bit too strong of a word, but I'm willing to tolerate it.
  8. Hello everyone, I've been fortunate enough to get into both schools, and now I'm in the difficult position of deciding between the two (have been swaying back and forth). Basic info about my situation: - Currently a BC resident but am open to practicing either here or in the East -Cost is not a major decider, since both schools have relatively low tuition and I would likely have to live outside of home either way -Family/most friends are in BC -Not sure what field of law I'd prefer yet; seems like both schools have a decent amount of fields they specialize in -French skills are fine, speaking is a bit more of a challenge but I know enough to get by in daily life and could reasonably learn more Montreal's reputation speaks for itself and I very much enjoy it over Vancouver, but I'm hesitant to let a city bias do all the deciding for me. Thanks everyone!
  9. Status changed to offer! 86.4% GPA (confirmed) 167 LSAT BC applicant
  10. I am not a current UBC student, no. Edit: Turns out it's a reused number -- I had previously applied to UBC before and was assigned the same one.
  11. Thanks, I don't want to read too much into things yet but I feel like an astrologer looking at the stars, waiting for a sign that offers are coming out soon
  12. I did see a number (8 digits), the category has always been there but only today did it fill up.
  13. I can't recall if it was always there or not, but does anyone see a school tracking number in the status checker where there might not have been one before?
  14. Likewise... it's only gotten worse as December rolls on. @meandtheboys thanks for the info, did they specify what day or nah?
  15. @Hypernautica just wanted to say thanks for keeping us updated on the offer situation! really helps to minimize that nerve-wracking suspense. Looking forward to seeing you all at UBC next year, I will probably be accepting my offer.
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