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  1. Accepted. My second LSAT was a far cry better than my first and it put me over the auto-admit index.
  2. Yes, same thing happened to me last year. If you told them you're writing the LSAT again, they leave you Decision Pending until they get the new score. I wouldn't read too much into it.
  3. Honestly might be different school to school. I know my prof made a comment to me about my mark neither to ask if he could post it as an example or because I asked him about it. I think after they've submitted the mark they can tell who's it was, but I think most of the time they wouldn't bother.
  4. I'm a 1L right now at UVic and when I picked the school I was a bit frightened I wouldn't be able to bond with my classmates because although I consider myself liberal I'm not that left leaning. There definitely is a vocal minority over zoom and on the class social pages. However, everyone I'm friends with in person tends to have more of a moderate viewpoint. I really think there's a place for different viewpoints at UVic and I wouldn't want anyone to be turned off of the school because a few people are extra 'loud' with their opinions. I'm sorry you're having that experience and not feeling particularly welcome GM! I think way more people than you think have the same perspective as you.
  5. I had the same situation and I chanced it by using the paper ones to study and the free digital ones to get used to that interface. I don't think it impacted my score in any significant negative way. The only section that I really disliked digital for was RC because you can't see the whole passage and the question at once. Other than that switching to digital after doing paper to practice didn't bother me. What I would do (time allowing) is use a couple paper practice tests, see how that feels and how you're scoring. Then try a digital and see how that goes. If you're feeling like digital is slowing you down or messing you up compared to paper I would invest in more digital practice tests to get used to it. Best of luck!
  6. Check other threads here. Lots of people have spoke about this in the past. Scotiabank seems to have the best offer with prime + 0%, 135k limit, and no principle repayment required until 24 months after articling.
  7. Everything on mine looks done. Just waiting for the confirmation of how much funding (no estimate is available yet). It said the amount will be there mid to late June. So I guess any day now! Also I just put in my application for the whole year and it was fine. I'll be attending UVic. Not sure if that makes a difference.
  8. Definitely press the issue. They're probably just worried it won't count towards their sales targets if someone else 'seals the deal'. Ugh.
  9. Really? You never had to sign anything beyond the initial application? That seems odd.
  10. Yup! I arranged everything with my rep in BC and I currently live in Ontario. I just told her where I lived and she found a branch close to me and set up a meeting to sign everything with a rep at that branch. It was very easy. Just ask your rep in Toronto.
  11. full year courses = two semesters (8 months) half year = one semester (four months) You can read UVic and UBC's GPA calculation method on their website
  12. Check out the UVic and UBC sub-forums and find the index threads. It's going to be a numbers game for most applications. Also note that UVic drops three full year courses (or 6 half) and UBC drops two full year courses (or four half). This depends on how many courses you have completed. However, if you did a four year undergrad with a full course load that's how many it would be. You have time to improve your grades and work on that LSAT. Best of luck!
  13. Thanks for the response! I ended up getting ahold of them via email. They said to submit a letter with the date, your name, your osap access number, what you need changed, and your signature. So I did that! Worth a shot. No mention of the paper application from them, but I see where you're reading that on the website.
  14. Anyone have any luck getting a hold of someone at osap? I made a mistake on my application (woops) and I'm attending school outside of Ontario so I have to contact osap and not my school (please correct me if I'm wrong). I called and an automatic message said they're only responding to email inquiries right now. But, my email is being rejected from the email address that they're providing in the message.
  15. Just to add to the above, I would apply for it now. I started the process over three weeks ago and supposedly it's all getting signed and finished up later next week. But I didn't think it would take nearly this long. My rep did temporarily ghost me after saying I was approved so that might not be the case for everyone... but it doesn't hurt to apply now and it might take longer than you'd expect. Side note, Scotiabank and RBC have far superior psloc products. I was shocked at how much better they are than the offerings at BMO and CIBC. I bank with BMO now and asked them to match what Scotia is offering and they wouldn't do it, so I'm switching all my banking to Scotia.
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