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  1. I've already applied for OSAP to finance my law school tuition for the fall, but I haven't been able to locate a federal student loan application anywhere. I remember reading on this forum that several users recommended paying tuition with a "combination of provincial and federal loans" rather than through a line of credit, so I'm wondering if anyone knows where to go about this, or if I misunderstood the threads and OSAP is the only available option. Thanks in advance!
  2. In my free time this summer I'm looking to get acquainted with introductory themes in Canadian law before starting 1L in September. I've looked online for any self-paced courses offered by universities (because there are many courses available now due to COVID), but I've only been able to find U.S.-based courses. If anyone knows of a Canadian option it would be much appreciated! Side-note: I've seen people on these forums suggest to just take it easy and not worry about the law before starting school, but I'm just looking to familiarize myself with content and make the most of my free time, hence why I'm looking for a self-paced course
  3. I know everyone says your final term grades aren't super important after being accepted to law school, but I'm not sure what to do about my particular situation. I just received a final grade of a mid-70 in a first year course (I made a big error on one of the important assignments) and my school is giving the option of taking a pass/fail grade in any course we want due to COVID. Should I sub out the grade for a "pass" or will that raise an even bigger red flag? Does any of this even matter since I have already received an offer without conditions? Thanks in advance for any input.
  4. Welcome day is next weekend and I’ve been wondering who we’re supposed to bring, like a friend/significant other or a parent? I’m just not sure what has happened in past years and I haven’t seen anything about this on the forum to date.
  5. I am pretty sure we have to send our transcripts in regardless of offers - I've also been accepted but I sent my fall transcript through OLSAS. It cost me $12 to do so but I'm not sure whether that is standard or if it varies between schools.
  6. So excited since Western is my first choice! In this morning, 164 / 3.69 with good ECs. Congrats everyone!
  7. I know it's still pretty early in the cycle but I find it odd that Western hasn't accepted anyone yet (unless they have and no one has posted it) - does anyone else think this is strange or is it still too early to be thinking this way? I'm seeing "Accepted 2020" in most of the other threads except this one... idk just seems weird to me since Western's acceptances started in November last year.
  8. Thank you! It shows I went into queue on December 3, but my OAISIS did not update with this information until December 4.
  9. in as of this morning!! 3.66 OLSAS 164
  10. Someone asked this question in the "Accepted 2020" thread but it got removed. I haven't been able to find it in any other thread, but I was also curious about the answer: Does anyone know if Osgoode sends out one batch of acceptances per day or if they do it in multiple batches? Essentially, should we keep checking OAISIS throughout the day or did all acceptances for this wave come out this morning?
  11. In queue as of Dec 3 as well! 3.66 OLSAS GPA, 164.
  12. Is everyone else still waiting too? I submitted my applications October 31 and have yet to see my LSAT score in Documents Tracking.
  13. Where can you see if the individual schools received your score? I'm still waiting on OLSAS to upload mine so knowing the schools have my score would take a lot of pressure off
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