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  1. I've sent my stuff in for the PSLOC at Scotiabank, just wondering what the timeframe is usually like to hear back?
  2. Anyone know the specific date it opens? I've looked but haven't seen anything, maybe I missed it
  3. Where does it show on your portal that there is an acceptance? Edit: Nevermind, I found it!
  4. Little update: I emailed, told them I was still taking a single class this semester, so she updated my application. The transcript I sent in before is now my preliminary statement of marks, and the next transcript for this semester will be my final transcript. Problem solved!
  5. I'm applying this year! I always thought it would be a non-issue, but had a panic about it last night realizing that some schools might not accept because of it. So good to know! Hopefully I get in this year and I don't have to worry about it Thanks!
  6. It's not past the deadline for withdrawing yet--I just wasn't really sure if taking one course would be a negative on my application or not. So, you think I should withdraw? Would having this one course damage my application? Right. But they count the credits back, don't they? So it would be included? It's okay for me if any of these schools include these marks, I'm more worried about them not considering me because I am taking only one course.
  7. So, like the title mentions, I completed my degree in the Fall 2019 semester. I'm currently enrolled in a single course this semester (upgrading it, just in case law school doesn't pan out and I work in my initial field). I just wanted to know, will schools look at the marks for this course, considering I've technically already completed my degree? Will they update my past marks in this course with the new marks? Will taking this single course (dropping me to a part-time student) be bad for my applications at all? I'm applying to UVic, UofC, UofA, USask, UofT, Dalhousie, TRU.
  8. Interesting! Well, if you hear from them before I update the post with their response to me, let me know! That's what I thought, but I'm in a sort of weird situation (with graduating last semester, but upgrading a course this semester--I'm not sure if I would be considered a student taking a second semester, or someone who is considered done in 1st semester) so thought I would clarify. Thanks for replying!
  9. Hey! I've just emailed admissions to ask the same question, but I thought maybe someone on here could give me a faster response. U of S just received my final transcript, and the only thing remaining on my application to-do list is a preliminary statement of marks. What exactly is this? When requesting transcripts to be sent from my school, there wasn't an option to send a preliminary statement of marks or anything, only my transcript. If it matters, I finished my degree last semester and I am currently upgrading a single class this semester (in case the law school plan doesn't pan out). Do I need to send a preliminary statement of marks, and how do I do it?
  10. I'm in the same boat. Transcripts requested through Apply Alberta on January 3rd, and it still shows as initiated. Wouldn't this be past the February 1st document deadline? Or does the deadline not apply to transcripts that U of A is requesting/receiving themselves?
  11. Hey guys. I've uploaded all my required docs, and that's been updated. My referees have both sent in their letters, but my account still shows it as "not received". It's been a few weeks. Just wondering how long Sask takes to update documents--when should I contact admissions? Anyone else have same issues?
  12. Applying to: Osgoode, Western, U of S, U of A, U of C, UVic, TRU, UBC I'm a metis student finishing up my final year right now, will be done in April (so the semester I'm currently in could raise my GPA). Good letters of recommendation. Wondering if my GPA will prevent me from getting in anywhere.
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