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  1. I am pretty confused as to what your problem is. Do all the work you are given to a high standard and make yourself available to help. It isn't your job to bring in work as a student, and whether you are hired back at a small firm has more to do with whether they like you and have enough work to keep you than what you billed.
  2. I don't understand why she would let her name get attached to this. I mean, she is living well within her means even if she had to pay rent, but wow.
  3. Mal

    Ubc vs u of a

    Being broke in Vancouver is worse than being broke in Edmonton. Being upper middle class in Vancouver is a lot better than anything in Edmonton.
  4. Mal

    72.28 index?

    Extremely unlikely with current numbers, unlikely with the 2 point bump. Generally, the index for the last people to get in is around 75. On an aside, I wouldn't want to be a lawyer if I struggled with the lsat that much. But it really depends on your career goals.
  5. It's enough to get OCI's. It is not enough to do you any favors.
  6. Mal

    Very Low Paid Articling Position

    I sympathize with you, this situation sucks and is becoming increasingly common as we have more graduates from more schools. If I were in your position I would look at the current year as being paid in experience but looking for something else for next year. I mean, you are probably better off than if you had to do the LPP. On the other hand, I wouldn't personally want to stay with a firm that under-paid me during articling just because they could. It sounds like you really shot yourself in the foot by being over-eager to find any job and they are taking advantage of you a bit. Why didn't you discuss salary before a firm commitment? But I would want to know a lot more before giving any substantial advice, like what were your credentials like? Were you a top student with good extra-curricular's? What are your finances like?
  7. Mal

    Wills Question

  8. I have never really understood the idea that law is somehow bad for people with mental health issues, law is an incredibly diverse profession and includes/attracts a lot of people with mental health issues. You might as well say "don't do anything important with your life" because anything important is going to have times of stress.
  9. They did when I went to UofA, but I don't know if that is still true.
  10. Mal

    TWU and the SCC

    The Court is really starting to fracture its decisions a lot, but I actually prefer it a bit since it shows more transparency into what each Justice is thinking rather than forcing a lot of the decision behind the scenes to get a unanimous judgment.
  11. Mal

    Suits For Men

    Dress conservatively for interviews, for summers it depends on the workplace.
  12. Mal

    U of A vs. Ottawa

    Then it is an easy decision, go to UofA. Calgary is considered a home market for UofA and Vancouver is much closer.
  13. Mal

    U of A vs. Ottawa

    There is no objective answer to this question, it is entirely personal depending on where you want to live during and after law school. Both schools will give a great legal education and are of similarly excellent quality.
  14. Mal

    How much does being close matter?

    UVic is a much better option for Vancouver than UofC. It isn't simply distance but also the law you study and more importantly the amount of your colleagues that will be practicing in Vancouver or nearby. Your classmates are a huge advantage in your career, having them nearby matters.