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  1. Most law firms are a pretty charged environment, while I don't think being screamed at is "normal", law is pretty far behind many other professions in creating good work environments. On the other hand, you are having problems with your second articling job. This is a red flag. Most people keep their heads down and work for a year. It is particularly difficult when you are just starting because everything is new; Hegdis gave you the right advice, you need to put in at least 6 more weeks.
  2. Mal

    Suits For Men

    Suit supply/spier are just as nice as brooks brothers.
  3. If you can't handle moving for a little while, you won't be able to handle legal practice. I say this as someone who is leaving legal practice to be able to manage my own mental health better.
  4. These questions ignore that the lawyers who make considerably more than what you would in your current career tract work 60-75 hours/week or more. Generally I think becoming a lawyer makes sense in only two rough categories: (1) you fundamentally define yourself by your work or (2) you don't currently have an okay career trajectory.
  5. Your marks are good, you don't need to freak out. You are well above average at UofT, which can do quite well at OCI.
  6. Law schools don't differentiate based on courses taken or majors. Take courses you are interested in and will do well in.
  7. My understanding is that foreign civil degrees generally get told to complete a full degree.
  8. Most people working at these firms have similar grade profiles.
  9. The theoretical pot that government money comes from is all of societies wealth...
  10. I applied to both Calgary and Vancouver and it was exhausting. The best advice I got on my career was to focus on what I actually wanted to do rather than just trying to get any job.
  11. Your grades are fine/good for all but the most selective firms but not good enough for clerkships.
  12. You're not a lawyer or a law student, calm down, you don't need to have "debates" with practicing lawyers who are here to help you. You're wrong, but that's okay, that is what law school is for. To the OP: You're probably better off with those stats going to a top25 school on a full scholarship or a t14. I have known people who have studied in Canada as an American, but you'd need to have a good reason for wanting to be in Canada beyond it being a nice place to live for school because it limits you in America a lot.
  13. This is an automated response to a topic that appears to be requesting legal advice. Please refer to the following post regarding such requests:
  14. This is closer probably. This is interview week, while normally jobs aren't going to interview a lot of candidates, they interview much more because they can't be sure whether their top choices would accept the job.
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