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  1. You're not a lawyer or a law student, calm down, you don't need to have "debates" with practicing lawyers who are here to help you. You're wrong, but that's okay, that is what law school is for. To the OP: You're probably better off with those stats going to a top25 school on a full scholarship or a t14. I have known people who have studied in Canada as an American, but you'd need to have a good reason for wanting to be in Canada beyond it being a nice place to live for school because it limits you in America a lot.
  2. This is an automated response to a topic that appears to be requesting legal advice. Please refer to the following post regarding such requests:
  3. This is closer probably. This is interview week, while normally jobs aren't going to interview a lot of candidates, they interview much more because they can't be sure whether their top choices would accept the job.
  4. It will be incredibly difficult for you to find a job with a degree from India. There is substantial stigma against both foreign graduates and foreigners generally in the Canadian legal market. On an aside while I have never met anyone who successfully "made" it as a lawyer in Canada from a country like India, I have taken a number of cab rides from people who immigrated with that hope.
  5. I've done a few construction cases, it is mostly just a specialized field of contract law. You don't need to go to any specific school for it. There is no boost for doing engineering so you are pretty far below medians for most schools GPA. A 160 lsat would be around median. Some schools count the MBA grades (think UofA would) which would make you borderline competitive for those schools.
  6. This is the kind of career that is so niche that the only way to practice it is to go to Harvard..... in the 1970's.
  7. Please get back on topic. On thread, I am generally satisfied but don't like the hours in private practice. I work at a great firm that has given me good mentor-ship and interesting/important work. I am planning on going to government to do policy in November which I am excited for.
  8. This forum is meant to assist lawyers and articling students, you are neither. It is not acceptable for you to give bad professional advice and contradict senior members of the bar of BC.
  9. You should apply everywhere you want to work. Previous applications to firms generally don't matter.
  10. It might help a little, but you're better off from an employment POV from having tax work experience. For tax, you are much better off doing the CICA in-depth tax course.
  11. Tax LLM is actually only really useful for non-legal work (e.g. policy, academia) or assisting with shifting practice areas. Otherwise its better to practice. Source: Have tax llm.
  12. There is a substantial stigma against foreign-educated law students in the Canadian market. Even if you are lucky enough to be "successful", the likely outcome is that you spend a huge chunk of money to get a job that pays less than you are making now while working more. This stigma isn't only in bay street or other elite firms. Look around at job postings, there is a staggering amount of small firms that specifically say "Canadian graduates only".
  13. A few different reasons, predominantly because I got into UBC over the summer and had already made plans and I wanted to move away for law school. I commuted to SFU for my undergrad and wanted something different.
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