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  1. By all means look for another position, but it is premature to speculate about changing fields until you have a job offer in hand given the likely huge amount of people that are looking at layoffs.
  2. I hope you are going to give back once you are a lawyer.
  3. That analysis basically assume a fairly successful legal career that you stick with, if you want options lower debt really matters. For example, if you decide you want to practice criminal law.
  4. I went to UofA and UBC, I did not find it any more difficult to get top marks at UBC despite the much higher admission standard.
  5. You know it's funny, I used to think the general wisdom that you couldn't learn early was correct. And it is for some. But a lot of people could get value out of reading treatises particularly ones as well written as Hogg's Constitutional Law in Canada.
  6. Online law schools require the NCA exams but you must also do 2 years of law school in person afterwards. Please don't do this.
  7. To be clear, you just told a successful lawyer with multiple Canadian law degrees to get over himself for disagreeing with you about preparation for law school. Which you followed up with a brag about being in a moderately prestigious philosophy graduate program.
  8. You don't need to be so sure of everything. There are advantages and disadvantages to many programs of study. An econ student, to take your example, may have a better grasp on the policy underpinnings on a legal theory. Whereas a philosophy student may get bogged down in the minutiae like whether writing preparation is equal across programs without realizing that preparation is both too subjective and too broad a topic to make any definitive statement other than "students who take rigorous undergraduate programs will be well prepared for law school".
  9. It was in the recent email I got from the law society.
  10. Society can't stay on lock down for much longer than a couple months, the economic damage will start to heavily outweigh the health cost of the disease. Just pay the deposit.
  11. I would go to Ottawa in a heartbeat in your situation. There is no significant difference between Ottawa and Osgoode for the Ottawa market.
  12. I had take home exams that were graded during law school, no one cheated. It isn't that big of a deal. If you are a good student not having grades is an absolute disaster. There is already a huge weight put on "fit" which disproportionately benefits articulate, good looking, white, male candidates.
  13. Oh please, if you are truly suffering beyond merely social distancing then you can get it compassionate grounds delayed.
  14. Pass/fail across the board is horrible, you want to be able to show how good of a student you are.
  15. Wait what? Being in law school is great during a recession... Way better than many other options. I started in 2009 just after the recession and by 2012 everything was doing really well.
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