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  1. Yes; not sure what my cGPA is but it's quite a bit lower than my L2.
  2. Accepted!! Overjoyed. 4.05/4.33, 153 (only write), legal work experience, good social justice related EC’s and personal experience overcoming adversity. Cheers.
  3. Thank you for your reply. Currently I have an 8 month old baby at home who still doesn’t sleep through the night (I thought they would have been sleeping by the time I wrote the LSAT) , so I don’t think I could score that much better by November or January. I would rewrite next year though if I am not admitted with my 153 this upcoming year. Fingers crossed.
  4. L2 4.05/4.33, strong references (I believe) unique personal experience and legal work experience, volunteer work, but a 153 LSAT score.
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