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  1. They make a “class of x” Facebook page each year. Iirc I was emailed about it in January last year.
  2. I got mostly straight B’s through 1st year and everything worked out. I wouldn’t sweat it, I agree with everyone else.
  3. I’ll parrot the others and say that the mature students in my 1L class seem totally on the ball. We haven’t sat down and compared grades or anything, but they often insightfully chime into discussions and offer meaningful comments. I wouldn’t worry at all. If anything, I reckon a background that’s more diverse than high school -> undergrad -> JD (such as my own) would prove to carry unique value in its own right.
  4. To me that was included in my “taking it easy” suggestion. I did so myself (and have continued through into 1L, though I’d probably recommend this less). I think preparing for law school work is inadvisable, but other kinds are fine. Though, as someone else mentioned, a few extra $1000 might not be worth it for everyone in the long run. For me it was (and is), but I get why someone would want to take it easy before diving in.
  5. Massive congratulations to my fellow 1Ls who finished their exams today. It’s been a weird semester, but we all made it just the same. Enjoy your breaks everyone, they’re extra well-earned this year!
  6. Yes, I don’t imagine they could ever be compelled to do so, but it would be nice if some of them extended the courtesy. It would be good for revision, those who fall ill, and that exact situation you mention. Sounds like a nonsensical situation as well. What does she think you’re going to do, put one 90 minute class online for pirating? Who cares. Leave it to the law profs to be that nitpicky over their IP. (Funny enough, my instructor with the recording is my property instructor). One of my instructors this semester is against recording, but she’s pretty great otherwise, so I won’t hold it against her too much.
  7. One of my instructors took to recording all of his lectures last year, so people could chooses whether or not to come to class, or could review classes after the fact. Those recordings make up our asynchronous class now (which isn’t my favourite, but I think that’s more me than the format). I would like if more instructors did this. Being able to review the recordings this semester has been great, and mixing that with in person learning would be ideal in my view. I’d still go to class, but I think it would be a great option for people who are trying to fit schooling into preexisting busy schedules.
  8. Depends. It’s not the case that every school will look at your cgpa and your L2, but rather that some will look at only your cgpa or only your L2 (or some other configuration). Look for admissions faq’s on the website of your schools of interest. You should be able to find this information there.
  9. Where do you want to work? I believe that is more important than any kind of objective ranking. Go to Sask if you want to work in Sask, Ottawa if you want to go to Ottawa, etc. I don’t know enough about the value of the MBA combo, I’ll let someone else speak to that.
  10. Just throwing my two cents in of course, you spend your summer however you’d like! This is just advice that I received, and in hindsight I think everyone who told me that was completely right. Prior to getting that advice I read one of those “prepare for law school” books, and I gotta say it wasn’t that helpful at all. (Not that it was completely without merit, if you’re going to do any prep you could do worse than flipping through one of these). And thanks! That’s very kind.
  11. I was surprised at how different some of the mid terms in the exam bank were from one another. Which instructor you have definitely matters to how you prepare, making summer prep a bit of a moot point.
  12. I agree with this, it’s a balancing act. I wouldn’t imagine that getting stoned and playing League all summer would’ve made for a very fun transition in September. My first undergrad semester after my summer in SEA certainly had a slow start... I spent a lot of this summer walking and reading (books that were not or were very loosely related to law). I found that that kept me active enough to transition relatively easily back into course work, but didn’t burn me out.
  13. I suppose it wouldn’t have to be, but I struggle to see the value in a summer torts prep, even if it’s fairly competent. They won’t throw you in the deep end when you start 1L. They know that nobody knows what torts are or how they work. You’ll get a perfectly competent picture, it is a twice weekly full year course after all! So, while it might be helpful, I wouldn’t imagine it could be helpful enough to waste your summer on. I spent my 0L summer reading novels, making some side cash, and hanging out with some pals (in the limited ways that were allowed at the time). I haven’t been able to do those things as much since the semesters started, but I’ve spent plenty of time on torts. I know it’s exciting to start, and the desire to get ahead is there for everyone, but I’d try not to lose the forest for the trees and understand that there’s more to life than a mild edge (if any at all) in torts class. But of course, to each their own. If someone will enjoy prepping for torts and contracts in the summer who am I to say that that’s not a fine way to spend it?
  14. https://www.oxfordseminars.ca/LSAT/lsat_profiles.php I’m not sure how recent or accurate this is, but they’ve compiled some of that information here.
  15. I won’t proclaim to have achieved a completely mastery in torts (which will be made clear by the exam I have in an hour), but I really doubt that some half assed summer prep would’ve helped... Maybe reading the Wikipedia entries for ‘Torts’ and ‘Contract Law’ would give people an idea of what they’re in for (in the broadest possible sense), and that’s free!
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