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  1. Mine did that for awhile in the fall and I ended up accepted. I opened an incognito window and I could access it via that. I’m not very tech savvy, but maybe that’s your issue. Try that before giving up hope!
  2. I think you’ll like it a lot! I went last month and thought it was a really nice campus. Good amount of green space. It was also really small and intimate, which is a plus for me. It’s not as flashy as some of the other schools but it’s got a great homey feel. maybe I’ll see you there indeed!
  3. Wow that’s awesome! Thanks for finding that. Perhaps I’ll be putting down a deposit at UVic soon then. I’ve heard some good things about island life anyhow 🌴
  4. Does anyone know how easy it is to get into the coop program? I spoke with someone the other day who had graduated from UVic a few years ago and he said that less than half the class gets access to the program, and that it is determined by a random lottery. Is this still the case? I’m in crisis mode deciding between UBC and UVic over here, and I think access to the coop would inch UVic ahead of UBC, but I’d prefer UBC otherwise. I would be pretty bummed if I couldn’t take part in the main reason I chose a school in the first place...
  5. I think it’s fine to feel good about yourself and your accomplishments, but should those undergrads who don’t go to law school not feel that way as well? We all deserve to feel good about ourselves, self-esteem isn’t a finite resource that we have to take away from others to enjoy. I’m proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished, the same way I’m proud of my undergrad friends and my friends who didn’t pursue higher education at all. I find this to be a helpful and healthy mindset, but I suppose ymmv.
  6. My opinion of admitted law applicants took a huge nose dive when I learned that I was one.
  7. I remember seeing on here that “Decision Pending” usually comes after you fail to reach the index score needed for automatic admission, but will be considered somewhat holistically before a decision is made. As you said you have lower stats but applied access I think this would make sense. I’m not sure to what extent I am right to say so, but I certainly wouldn’t give up hope yet! Best of luck.
  8. Definitely. Good luck with your applications!
  9. Decent chance at Queens and Western. Looks like a number of people with very similar stats have gotten in this year. Ryerson and Windsor are hard to predict. Ottawa looks for high cGpa, it might be a reach. I’ll let someone more knowledgeable comment on Osgoode.
  10. Where are you interested in? You’re a lock at Alberta/Manitoba/New Brunswick. Probably some of the more holistic schools as well depending on softs.
  11. If adding anecdotes I’ll toss mine in the mix. I studies for about 2 months (with a one week holiday and slacker days it was probably closer to 6 weeks) and went from a 153 diagnostic to a 166 on test day. It seems that the big takeaway here should be that everyone is different and everyone has different goals. You amount of time should be more than adequate for a score that’ll get you into some good schools. Best of luck!
  12. That’s true! Though, somewhat paradoxically, it seems that the coolest thing to do is be yourself, even when yourself is conventionally uncool. That would make trying to be cool (by not being yourself) lame, and embracing yourself (who might be lame) cool. It’s a complicated web we weave...
  13. “The Peter A. Allard body of PlatoAndSocrates. If he wants to pay for me to live in Point Grey he can tattoo it himself.
  14. Maybe I’m just not cut out to be cool...
  15. Thanks! I was hoping not to be alone in the mindset. If I go for it I’ll be sure to keep it well covered, get the best of both worlds so to speak.
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