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  1. University of Alberta does last 2 years. That’s about as close to bc as not bc gets.
  2. I submitted October 20th. I hope to hear something in January. I have undergraduate courses underway that they need to assess though. If you have a complete application and have no courses underway you could get an offer by the end of November.
  3. Hey, you have the exact same LSAT as me and a pretty similar gpa! When I asked the same question I was told I was pretty much in without a doubt, so you would be in the same boat I imagine. Your index is in the 940’s it seems, so I think you’re pretty well set. Good luck to you.
  4. Ha, sounds like we’re in the exact same boat. UVic is my number one and I know I’m going to have to wait until January at least. All for five classes that, with the drop system, could feasibly have zero impact haha. I guess patience is the key. I think we’re both in for good news in the new year!
  5. Yeah I was kind of hoping the same haha. I think I’m pretty well set on the auto admit threshold, so my fall grades probably won’t have much of an impact either way. Regardless, the faq states that no final decisions are made until fall grades are received, so I imagine we will just have to wait and see!
  6. That sounds solid, I would say you’re set in those categories from last years ‘accepted’ thread. Bear in mind that the personal statements are now weighted equally to your gpa and LSAT, so take good care to write those as best you can!
  7. Interesting, mine went straight from submitted to App Forwarded: Admissions Officer. Hopefully that’s a good thing! I am expecting it to go to hold because of my classes underway.
  8. I mean, just intuitively it sounds like that means this is LSAC’s first report to the school. Is this your first time applying? That could be it.
  9. I’m in the same situation, and everywhere I have applied to will take fall grades into consideration but not winter. So whatever courses you have in progress now will be counted but any you start in January won’t, generally speaking. This will be impacted by where you apply of course, but that’s the general state of things I’ve seen. best of luck!
  10. I was pretty similar to the other commenter. Pulled a 153 diagnostic in July, scored a 166 in September. I just did the Khan academy course and the digital LSAT practice they had on their website. I think your goal is absolutely doable. Timed practice is basically the best way to go. You’ll find the patterns and generate your own strategies.
  11. Thank you, you’ve now alleviated my anxieties in both of my posts haha. Guess patience will be my key, cheers.
  12. Hello all. I’ve applied for admission to a number of schools this year, with UVic as my top choice. My question today pertains to fall grades. As per the schools FAQ they won’t make any final decisions until final grades for the fall semester are in. I’m not worried about the impact my grades will have on my GPA. What I am a little concerned about is the rolling admissions system. I see from last years acceptance thread that quite a few people were admitted in late November last year. This is about a month before I can reasonably expect fall grades to come in. Will this impact my chances? Does anyone have any experience with this? Stats are 4.00ish with drops and 166. Thanks in advance!
  13. Based on the profile of accepted applicants last year (it’s on the school website) you’re nearly guaranteed a spot. I wouldn’t worry!
  14. Funny, people always guess I’m a few years older, perhaps that will prove advantageous here ha. Conversely, one of the guys I got on best with in undergrad was a retired fellow who came back to study for interests sake. I think we’ll all get on fine!
  15. From the sounds of it neither of us need to worry too much. I mean, undergrad was a range of ages and everyone seemed to get on fine there!
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