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  1. A- L2 average and 166 should be good to get into a number of Canadian schools. I’m not sure what your EC’s are like, but I’m sure they could also help substantially, depending where you apply. You didn’t mention any specific schools, but if you want to stick in or near B.C. I’d imagine that you have a decent shot at TRU, UofA and UCalgary. Uvic can also be very generous with dropping low courses, but that depends on the amount of credits you have, and how those grades are distributed. In sum, I certainly wouldn’t give up yet! Best of luck.
  2. I had that same LSAT and a slightly higher gpa (with drops) when I was accepted this year and I did not receive a scholarship. You can look through this years accepted thread to see some candidates who did receive a merit scholarship. If I recall correctly you aren’t super far off, a few points higher on the LSAT could well make you competitive for a scholarship!
  3. Just got a “rejection” email myself. I use the quotations because I never finished my application, as I was accepted elsewhere before I completed it. I never sent in my transcript or personal statement. But if anyone’s wondering whether they accept people with incomplete profiles the answer is, obviously, no. It was nice of them to let me know anyways. My first rejection, I won’t pretend it doesn’t hurt.
  4. I’m certainly keen to be involved! It’d be nice to get to know everyone at least in some way.
  5. I remember someone on here recommending doing a lot of reading, especially when you don’t necessarily feel like it. The rationale being that there will be a lot of that in law school, and it’s a good habit to be in. I think this ones good because it’s a lot of fun and also tacitly preparing you. That’s what I’m doing anyways. That and looking for affordable housing in Vancouver, which I’m hoping will prove helpful as well.
  6. I did all of my course work at one of the ‘easier’ schools mentioned here and I got into UBC and UVIC in the first round of this cycle, so I would infer from that that they clearly don’t care too much. Though I’m sure the size and structure plays some role in differentiating grades at the different institution, the actual content of the courses is more or less the same across the board. To quote a friend, “It’s not like they’re hiding the real law in the back room at Harvard.” Many of my sessional instructors taught at UBC, SFU, KPU, and UFV, sometimes in the same semesters. If you prove your ability to comprehend the material in one school I’m sure you would’ve been able to do close to the same elsewhere. It’s not like nobody earns their grades at KPU, TRU, and UFV, people still study hard and get grades across the spectrum. Though maybe that’s just the wishful and defensive thinking of someone who went to one of the less reputable institutions... There’s also the LSAT, somewhat of an equalizer. No grade inflation there. tl;dr: Good grades and a high LSAT seem to be much more important than where those good grades came from. Going to a lesser school won’t (inherently) hold you back.
  7. First year classes are taught in groups of 50 or so, right? Perhaps we will be able to have them all in person because they aren’t large enough to be an issue. All speculation of course, but here’s hoping anyways!
  8. Hm let’s see. 4x application fees I can round off to about $600. I cheaped out on the LSAT, bought one $30 book and used free resources otherwise. Then the $300 it cost to actually write the thing. So I suppose it cost me about $930, give or take. Now if we’re including 5 years worth of undergrad in that calculation...
  9. There’s only 134 people in the Facebook group at this point. At least ones an Upper year and I’ve heard down the line that some people in there have decided to go elsewhere but remain in the group. Not that everyone’s in the group, but it was linked in several of the admissions related emails, so I’d wager quite a high percentage is. For a class of 200 that’s still quite a few seats left to fill!
  10. Yes my mistake, I should have been more specific. I was speaking of my experience with schools out west.
  11. Homelessness. Go back to retail. Maybe push for academia and inevitably end up back with homelessness or retail. I think I’ll stick with law school...
  12. I mean, if you apply early you could get in before all the applications are due, raising your chances in a slim and relative way. But if you get in at that point I’d imagine you’d probably get in anyways. It’s still nice to get your applications done early so you can kick back and wait it out without them hanging over your head!
  13. From what I’ve gathered reading this forum: 1. Letters of reference aren’t a massive part of your application but 2. Letters should speak to you and your abilities, thus the better the writer knows the applicant the better the letter is. The admissions committee is assessing the applicant after all, not the reference writer. With that in mind I’d go for the instructor who knows you best and will say the best and most detailed things about you. Better than a copy-paste job from someone more impressive. Best of luck!
  14. LAW 401 Foundations to Law LAW 405 Legal Research and Writing LAW 410 Contracts LAW 420 Criminal Law LAW 430 Torts LAW 435 Constitutional Law LAW 440 Property Law just copied this off their page. https://www.ualberta.ca/law/programs/jd/curriculum look here for more info!
  15. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to defer, and I don’t know if I’d want to bank on applying again. I would certainly consider if it’s an option. While I’m not keen on waiting around for a year doing nothing (nothing of note or interest anyways), I really would prefer to do 1L in person. Not only do I find that I learn well in a classroom setting, but the one time social/networking/collegiate experience is not something I’m that keen to throw away. If that’s what happens that’s what happens, obviously me and my experience are an immeasurably small part of this global crisis. Just my preference on the matter. At least I could stay home and bum off mum and dad to save some cash...
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