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  1. Accepted yesterday!!! LSAT 157 GPA ~3.7 Nova Scotia resident
  2. I've been feeling the same. I've found that starting a new hobby has helped so I've been taking guitar lessons online via Skype and since they have a scheduled time I try to plan the day around that. Even if all my day consists of is exercise and trying to eat something healthy! I've also found setting little goals for Myself like reading Atleast 10 pages of a book everyday or running a certain amount of km every week has helped make me feel a bit more "normal". Is there a hobby you liked in the past but haven't kept up with? Or something you've always wanted to try? and when all else fails, playing animal crossing for too many hours has been my biggest coping mechanism. I've been trying to remind myself that we're all in this state of chaos together and we should be a little kinder to ourselves.
  3. I should've been more clear here. I meant this because the course material will be very different from my past coursework. I haven't taken really any reading and writing heavy courses.
  4. Fellow science major and definitely feeling this 😅
  5. Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I decided to call and they had not received my reference so I ended up getting it resent and it's updated already!
  6. Im concerned that my final reference letter has not been updated on my application. My reference said he sent it around November 30th. Has anyone else not seen any updates on their application? Im just wondering if this is common due to it being a busy time or if its worth calling the office.
  7. I have a question I hope you all can help with. I've been accepted to UNB and UOttawa and I need to let UNB know by January 9th, is it possible to accept UNB but still wait on the potential of DAL? And can I accept UNB to keep it and keep UOttawa as an option on OSLAS until I fly there to see the school? I had planned to make a decision over the break but I suddenly and tragically lost one of my best friends this break and I just haven't had the mental capacity to make this incredibly important decision.
  8. Accepted! OSLAS GPA: 3.63 LSAT: 157 Lots of ECs, undergrad in Chemistry and Engineering so assuming past coding experience was an asset!
  9. I got in to Ottawa this week with a lower GPA and Same LSAT is your chances seem good!
  10. I would say UNB as well. They also have a late deadline so you are still able to apply this year.
  11. Accepted on December 17th on uozone!!! OSLAS GPA: 3.63 LSAT: 157
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