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  1. This post has come up a few times but most of them are 4+ years old. I was just wondering if anything has changed between the two. What would you recommend? PS I'm a NS resident and hoping to practice here too!
  2. Thank you so much!!! That's Before! I'm unsure what it is with drops, I would say close to 4.0.
  3. Thank you so much!!! I am but only taking some electives to work on my writing skills, I completed my first degree in 2018 though but was still working on my engineering degree too so I didnt apply until now! So I would say they focused on those marks instead
  4. Accepted today with scholarship guarantee!!!! So ridiculously excited!!!! LSAT 157, GPA ~ 3.7 (maybe a little higher), lots of extracurriculars and work experience, NS resident
  5. I'm wondering the same. Also it says high school transcripts too? I assumed they weren't required.
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