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  1. Hi, Based on recent developments in the economy, many believe that a deep recession is highly likely to occur. As a soon-to-be law student who will be seeking employment next year, I am curious about how different areas of the legal industry perform in economic downturns (like the one we had in 2008-2009). In addition, how will entry level jobs be affected by recessions - What are the most seriously impacted areas and how serious do you think it will be? Would appreciate any input
  2. Thanks Archives! You are right that I have an East Asian background (as my name involves a Korean dish). However, I did my undergrad in Canada and am applying as a domestic Canadian applicant. The matter of immigration, while being a concern for many, does not really influence my choice of school as I am already a permanent resident. By the way, UofT is by all means an excellent school and can certainly be on par with mid tier T14s. The purpose of my(our) question is moreso to compare the differences than to decide which one is "better". Looking forward to hearing more from this forum!
  3. I have a similar question. I am aware that there exists an obvious answer - one should go wherever he/she wishes to work and live. However, I personally lack a preference for working in either countries over another, nor do I have strong "ties" to any particular city. Therefore, to me, the choice of school relies mostly on the quality of programs. Here are some metrics I can think of: 1. Career prospects (employment rate, variety of opportunities, salaries etc.) 2. Faculty quality 3. Student quality 4. Other aspects Much appreciated if anyone can share information/opinion on how UofT compares to mid-tier T14 schools (Upenn, Michigan, Virginia, Duke, Northwestern, Berkeley) in terms of these metrics. Have a great day y'all!
  4. Still waiting on the scores, though my LSAT writing was approved more than 2 weeks ago. Does anyone know if the late update would affect my chances for first round offers (early December)?
  5. Hi! What are my chances into U of T? cGPA 3.67, B3 ~3.67, maybe marginally higher, LSAT 170. Thank you!
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