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  1. you and your friends have been abbreviating it wrong your whole lives
  2. i see your “prima facie” and raise you “ultra vires”
  3. law schools tend to suck in general and you'll be equally miserable at either school if you are in drastic need of an ego pump and a wallet drain, pick u of t if else, pick dal
  4. im gonna go out on a limb and suggest that if you haven't already been accepted with those stats, there was probably some unappetizing hubris elsewhere in your application. you know, the kind of hubris that leads one to make a post saying "here are my stats, why haven't I been accepted yet"
  5. as @masterofnut has hinted at, the benefit of the grading scale at uoft is that average performance and below average performance aren't really distinguished like they are at other schools with finer grading scales (except for exceptionally poor performance, which is distinguished by an LP). as such, performance is only really assessed as average, above average, or way above average.
  6. hold on just give me a few moments to pull up my contracts outline
  7. ill let you know after i receive my Cs from last semester
  8. “oh so you’re interested in law? name all the laws.”
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