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  1. tbh it doesnt really sound like the JD/PhD is the right program for you. if your end goal is law (especially big law), just do the JD. getting a PhD because “theres never enough education one can have” sounds like an absolute nightmare. PhDs are academic programs designed to churn out academics, not lawyers. why delay your earnings in pursuit of a PhD that won’t be of any use to you in your end goal of practicing law?
  2. the gpa calculation is done on a course by course basis. each individual grade you have is assigned a grade point value on the OLSAS scale (3.0, 3.7, 4.0, etc.) and then the grade point values are averaged to give the cGPA.
  3. u of t looks at best three years of full time studies.
  4. as someone attending i kind of hope that the number tails off. it likely will drop as some as some people accept US offers, deferrals are granted, etc.
  5. agree with above poster, waitlist is a soft rejection, but not hearing back means youre still in the game
  6. i disagree. many schools have already stated that they will not be drawing adverse inferences from CR/NCR grades, and even if they did, one semester’s outcomes wouldnt likely move the needle in any direction. OP, protect your GPA. thats what the system is in place for.
  7. cr/ncr anything that lowers your gpa
  8. I plan on taking a position as an undergrad TA during 1L, am i done for?
  9. i wonder how often admissions find themselves in a situation where they have two “almost” identical applications with only one spot available, and have to make the decision on the basis of undergrad institution, major, or “opting for the pass”. id be surprised if it has ever happened in the history of law school admissions. OP, do what's best for your GPA. ive yet to see a single school leave open the possibility that theyre gonna draw adverse inferences on pass/fail this semester, and even if they did, it would not likely lead to a difference in outcome.
  10. you pretty much answered your own question. consult the admissions offices of the schools you are interested in; most of them have already issued statements on how they will be reviewing transcripts in light of COVID-19. for example, u of t’s response: “Please rest assured that we will not hold CR grades against an applicant in our review”. https://www.law.utoronto.ca/jd-admissions-updates
  11. ryerson has been accepting people with worse stats than you, id say you have a good shot
  12. what schools are you most interested in?
  13. at the same time that would be such a humongous waste of 1L
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