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  1. b-b-but mike ross did it, why cant I?
  2. who cares, i put it on my PSLOC and forget about it
  3. those are rookie numbers, you gotta pump those numbers up jokes aside, its not a spelling bee. if you are writing intelligible sentences, typos aren't gonna get in your way. profs are human, they get that you're under time constraints and typing your heart out. im not quite sure what this means. if you're referring to how you layout your answers (e.g. if you are using headings, if your headings are bolded, if you are italicizing case names, etc.), then no, it probably won't hurt you. however, the logical structure of your answer counts, and if your analysis on the fine points is strong but its all out of order, that will probably cost you.
  4. who says im getting through this? 😅
  5. i personally like to dress up everyday for law school like its my prom. i bring a date with me too, we link arms and everything. makes it kind of hard to type notes sometimes, but after class we slow dance in the atrium and the world feels at peace.
  6. me doing my impression of @HopefulLawyer97 everytime he sees a ryerson thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G29DXfcdhBg
  7. this is great, im gonna use this next time i want to reject the opinions of the informed in favour of the uninformed
  8. ok we get it. you have a boyfriend. you can stop rubbing it in now.
  9. im just trying to start a fight because im bored
  10. what school should i go to if a garbage bag is sufficient for me?
  11. there are only gunners round here son!
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