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  1. i like how a post about practicing in north dakota quickly turned into a dispute over what school does best in nyc biglaw. this is the quality content i needed today.
  2. ya lol, your 3.72 B3 and 174 LSAT definitely put you in auto-reject territory for both those schools
  3. not sure if youre being sarcastic, but there is literally no point in retaking a 175. 175 is above median at every school in north america, and im pretty sure its 75th percentile for harvard and yale and above 75th for everyone else.
  4. you want people who have supervised you in an academic setting and know you well enough to testify convincingly to your academic ability.
  5. i applied with a 3.9/173. i got the deans at western, nothing from queens, nothing from osgoode (i totally missed filling out the financial information form that you have to do to be considered for scholarships), and nothing from uoft.
  6. it better be lmao nervous giggling in 0L
  7. tbh it doesnt really sound like the JD/PhD is the right program for you. if your end goal is law (especially big law), just do the JD. getting a PhD because “theres never enough education one can have” sounds like an absolute nightmare. PhDs are academic programs designed to churn out academics, not lawyers. why delay your earnings in pursuit of a PhD that won’t be of any use to you in your end goal of practicing law?
  8. the gpa calculation is done on a course by course basis. each individual grade you have is assigned a grade point value on the OLSAS scale (3.0, 3.7, 4.0, etc.) and then the grade point values are averaged to give the cGPA.
  9. u of t looks at best three years of full time studies.
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