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  1. a non-lawyer telling a lawyer how being a lawyer works. very cute
  2. despite eeeeeek's courage, I actually don't think we're gonna hear anything tomorrow.
  3. honestly, you've done your part, now its time to sit back, maybe cross your fingers, and wish for the best
  4. the implication being that study time is inversely proportional to the number of beers in my fridge
  5. in principle, the assumption negation technique is faultless and always identifies the correct answer. however, problems arise if you improperly negate a statement or if you can't negate quickly enough. if you are facing the first issue, you need to drill the fundamentals of negation. if the second, you might find it strategic to skip NA questions and do them last. as an alternative, sometimes a common sense approach does just fine, particularly with easier NA questions that could appear at the beginning of the section. if you just ask yourself "does the argument really need to assume this for the conclusion to be valid?", that often enough works well enough.
  6. I think you're overestimating the added stress of "having to deal with law school + something else". I'm applying to the u of t jd/ma econ. the program is still three years long, and the first year (most important) is spent exclusively taking law classes. at the end of the day, if being a corporate law slave isn't too much to my liking, I have a graduate degree to fall back on.
  7. the first round has officially ended, so you can put off your worries until mid-late January
  8. splitters are always hard to predict. it will invariably come down to your PS, ECs, and the composition of the applicant pool. definitely in the hunt though.
  9. remember that you don't get to "use" scores. the schools get to see all the tests you've taken in the past 5 years for better or for worse. then they determine which score(s) they place the most value on (usually just the highest)
  10. if you register and let them know, then they'll be forced to consider it before they make their decision on you (unless they decide to accept you with your current LSAT). so if you want to do it, do it. they accept February scores for a reason.
  11. just got it. 4:45 3.9, 173 last name R cool
  12. I can speculate that it would help greatly for RC, but only marginally affect LG and LR.
  13. did you fill out the form? bc i forget to lmao
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