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  1. I'm also in the same situation. My offer was given to me on July 9, which means it expires today (July 12)! Ms. Carr told me that it could take 24-48h to populate into OLSAS, but it has now been over 72h with no offer. I emailed Ms. Carr but it's the weekend so I assume she will get to her emails come Monday morning. To be safe, I paid the deposit to UWindsor without having accepted the OLSAS offer since my letter of admission said that my deadline to pay the deposit is today (July 12). I'm sure this will all be cleared up come Monday morning!
  2. @TobyFlenderson thank you for the kind advice. Personally, I'm leaning towards moving to the city where my school is. Like you said, I could potentially find a place that I like that I could keep the upcoming years. As for all the other factors you listed.. for me they point toward moving away from home. I haven't lived at home for more than a few months in years and I'm just not sure my sanity will stay intact which is NOT worth living cost of the year in another city 😅 @Trew you let me know when Elon has a hard date for Mars colonization. I'll be a guinea pig.
  3. Hey everyone, I recently accepted an offer to Windsor Law and I'm starting to do some research about the upcoming year. Most law schools are going online this year and Windsor Law made a statement that basically says that it is not necessary to be in Windsor for the upcoming 2019-2020 academic year. I just wanted to know if anyone else is sort of freaking out about their living situation for the upcoming year, regardless of the school you're going to. Are people planning at living at home to cut costs (if that's an option for you)? Living in the city that the school you are going to is? Otherwise? I want to get some opinions and find out what others have thought about this. I'm also a little disappointed that classes and orientation are not in-person, as I'm a pretty social person and was looking forward to making friends or at least a study group.
  4. @Marlies94 Congratulations! I too just recently accepted an offer to start 1L this September. I have also been doing some research and noticed that a large renovation/move was being done. You note that students wouldn't have dedicated space, but given the current situation that shouldn't be too much of an issue considering that, at least for this year, we aren't necessarily required to be in Windsor let alone at the law building. I agree that if the COVID situation lightens and we are allowed back that 2L (and even 3L given construction timelines) would be difficult. I wouldn't worry too much, all of us are in the same boat and I'm sure they will have more than acceptable alternatives for us.
  5. I almost exactly got the same score as you by section and I also got a 156. I usually get about -7 on LG and I got -14 on the Sept 2019 LSAT. That LG section from the Sept 2019 LSAT dropped my score from a potential 160+... You are not alone.
  6. I am in a very similar situation to yours right now (cGPA - 3.70, L2 - 3.70, LSAT - 156). I have strong LORs as well and by the time I (hopefully) start next year I'll have an MSc in chemistry. That pesky email this morning said I got a 156 (Sept 2019 LSAT), which likely means I'll be rewriting in January too. Just know you aren't alone!
  7. Just wondering what some educated strangers on the internet think of my chances. Education: By the time I start law school Sept 2020 (hopefully), I'll have an MSc in chemistry from Western. I already have an BSC (Hon.) from Western. My cGPA and L2 are at a safe 3.70 (not extraordinary, but not low either) Things that I believe stand out on my application: I had to complete an undergraduate thesis research project and I am now undertaking many projects as a graduate chemist. I worked at Imperial Oil on an internship as a researcher (industry experience). My chemistry background in general (I feel as though it is likely not very highly represented in law). LSAT: This is my weakest facet by far at a 156. Will likely rewrite in January 2020 as most schools still consider this write. Finally, I am applying to only Ontario schools. They include Windsor, Queen's, Western, Osgoode, and Ottawa. Given my scientific background, I currently have an interest in IP/Patent law. Though, I hear it's extremely difficult to enter and is very competitive so this may change while I (hopefully) attend law school. Any and all suggestions, criticisms, opinions, etc. are openly accepted! Thank you all.
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