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  1. No school does a ‘best’ 20 for calculations. You’re thinking of last 20 (which is what UofA does) UofA solely uses L20 and LSAT until a holistic round. Calgary is more holistic overall. If your L20 is 3.72 - you may have a slim chance. If not, most likely need to redo the LSAT.
  2. Checked my application status and saw an acceptance letter. 3.68 GPA, 159 LSAT, Sask Resident (and sessional instructor at USASK), MA Degree Good luck everyone
  3. Accepted Today GPA - 3.67 LSAT - 159 MA Degree, Extensive work experience and EC, Solid Referees
  4. Accepted GPA - 3.88 with drops, LSAT 159, SK Resident but born in NS & Dalhousie Alumni.
  5. Accepted! L2 GPA - 3.85 (unconfirmed) LSAT - 159 Masters degree, Dalhousie Alum, current SK resident though.
  6. To my knowledge high school transcripts are not required. My DalOnline has everything checked off. There is no box for high school transcripts or mention.
  7. My application was submitted with no issues. There is a spot to upload a document for the personal statement after you submit.
  8. Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback
  9. Good Morning, I just received my September LSAT score, I ended up tanking the LG section and got a whopping -12 on it. My overall score is 159. My top school to attend is UofA. I am signed up for the Oct LSAT already, but was wondering if the 159 will be good enough to get in? My L2 GPA is a 3.71. Thanks for any advice. Cheers
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