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  1. Hey guys, Just in case anyone doesn’t check their emails - don’t forget about the second $500 deposit due for June 1st. Cheers,
  2. I’m moving for the fall term. Economically it is similar for me. I also don’t want to move in December or January if it reboots then. I also aim to try for socially distanced opportunities with the FY class.
  3. I agree with Fuzzykittenz - unless it made a significant economical sense, I still think there is merit in moving for the fall. Moving and getting into a routine halfway through the year would be tough for full year, especially January if classes resume in person then I’m still planning to move and hopefully partake in socially distanced socialization with other 1Ls
  4. At CalgaryLaw2 Fair enough, and I could see where you would interpret that to mean you’re enrolled. However, does the enrolment letter itself simply say you’re enrolled in a JD starting Sept etc or does it state you’re enrolled in July and August. From my past experience with confirmation of enrolment letters, they may give it to you in July or August, but the letter itself will state Sept as a start date.
  5. I definitely see where you’re coming from CalgaryLaw2 - it’s a grey area for interpretation on ‘enrolled’. I would consider the enrolment based in September and not when you officially sign up for classes based on the ‘confirmation of enrolments’ that universities provide would generally give a start date in September for first year and not July or August.
  6. I don’t think you’re considered enrolled until after Sept 1st at the earliest. I don’t believe just receiving your timetable or paying your deposit doesn’t count as ‘enrolled’
  7. https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/benefits/emergency-student-benefit/cesb-who-apply.html The eligibility criteria is outlined here
  8. The “Students who are planning to attend...” is intended for students who just finished high school. The criteria is more clearly stated on CRA’s website. If you took a year off, you’d ideally qualify for CERB - but if you didn’t make the $5000 because parents supported you, then you’re SOL.
  9. I’ve never heard of a school that uses top four marks of a semester.
  10. As I just received an email that they suspended classes today, and will be updating further on the weekend - I’m guessing this won’t take place next weekend. Hopefully it’s postponed until summer for us who have yet to visit or see the law school. I’m sure we will hear a cancellation soon.
  11. Yes, it's the Dean's Welcome which should be held on March 21st. I see you were accepted today (Congrats) so you should receive an email for it shortly. Hopefully it still goes on as planned, I know Calgary cancelled theirs and moved it online (not the same).
  12. Accepted Today! Will be accepting L2 GPA - 3.78 LSAT - 159
  13. No school does a ‘best’ 20 for calculations. You’re thinking of last 20 (which is what UofA does) UofA solely uses L20 and LSAT until a holistic round. Calgary is more holistic overall. If your L20 is 3.72 - you may have a slim chance. If not, most likely need to redo the LSAT.
  14. Checked my application status and saw an acceptance letter. 3.68 GPA, 159 LSAT, Sask Resident (and sessional instructor at USASK), MA Degree Good luck everyone
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