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  1. Thank you everyone for your responses! I was a tad bit worried that firms would question why I left my job after a few months of working there, which would hinder my chances of landing a position. Reading these responses makes me feel better.
  2. Hi there, Apologies if this question has been asked before. But, I am curious to know what firms base their decisions off when hiring students in 1L and 2L? Is it solely grades and student involvement in the legal community? Or do firms consider other factors, such as your work experience prior to law school, references, and extracurriculars? The reason I ask is because I may have to leave my current job at a financial institution (I've only been here 2 months) and I dont want it to negatively impact my future job prospects. Do firms do extensive employment background checks? Thanks in advance for all your help
  3. Shocked I got waitlisted...guess my personal statement helped me out. LSAT: 156 GPA: ~89.7% (self calculated)
  4. Thank you! 😊 My L2 should be close to 4.0 and I applied in the regular category. Best of luck with your application!
  5. Shocked that I got accepted given my LSAT score, but happy nonetheless! LSAT: 156 OLSAS cGPA: 3.87 Will be declining. Best of luck to those still waiting!
  6. I tried getting a partial refund, but was refused. Guess it varies airline to airline. I wonder if U of A would compensate those who booked flights and hotels?
  7. Just received an email as well. Guess I should have waited before booking a flight to Edmonton...there goes $500 down the drain 😭
  8. Has anyone contacted the office and asked whether they would still be going ahead with the Dean's Welcome? Or if there are any alternative plans?
  9. Sorry I should have specified - I'm from the Lower Mainland. However, if I attend U of A I will be staying rent free as I have family in Edmonton. I guess my only concern is transitioning back to Vancouver and getting a job after completing school in Alberta.
  10. I'm surprised to hear this. I've heard great things about the bursaries offered at U of A, which will further alleviate the financial burden. Do you have any knowledge about the bursaries offered at TRU? Is it as generous as U of A?
  11. How did you find U of A? Did you enjoy your first year there? I've looked into this, but wasn't able to find an answer. I've read some discussions on the forum that stated tuition is supposed to increase according to the consumer price index, whereas others have out right said there will be a 10% increase in tuition. I'm fortunate that my parents will be funding my education, but I want to help make things easier by attending a cheaper school.
  12. Hi there, Apologies if this has been asked, but I have been accepted to both schools and was wondering whether it is wiser to attend TRU or U of A? I am a BC resident and want to practice law in BC. As of now I'm leaning towards family and/or corporate law, however, I am going into law school with an open mind and seeing what interests me the most. I'm leaning towards U of A given lower tuition (~$7000 difference/year), lower cost of living, law school reputation, and established senior network. But, a part of me is considering TRU because my family lives here and it'll be easier to network with firms and build relationships with others who will also be practicing in the same province as me. I've read on the forum that you should try to go to school in the province you want to practice. So I'm afraid that by attending U of A it may hinder or put me at a disadvantage for obtaining an articling position in BC? Not sure how true that holds, but am curious to hear what others have to say. Thanks!
  13. Mine came to my personal email!
  14. I was a bit surprised as well! Thought I'd get waitlisted. Yes, I've gotten into U of A and will most likely be going there. 😊
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