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  1. Thank you for the response! I will just wait until I receive my grades from this semester as well.
  2. Hi! So I submitted my online application and personal statement a few days ago. All I have left to submit are my transcripts. Do I have to wait until I receive my final grades from this semester or should I submit my current transcripts and then send my final transcripts (which will indicate my degree received) once I get my fall semester grades? Thanks in advance for your help! :)
  3. Sorry I meant is it acceptable for schools other than U of T? I wasn't sure if it's generally accepted to use abbreviated forms of the school or if it varies school to school.
  4. I noticed that the example personal statements abbreviated the schools name. Is that okay? Or is it normally recommended to refrain from doing so?
  5. Hi! I am currently in the last semester of my undergraduate degree - 3 classes remaining. I was wondering if I'm supposed to submit my current transcripts alongside my application and then submit another round of transcripts once my final grades from this semester have been received? Or is the process like Calgary where students completing their undergrad degree have to wait until January to submit transcripts?
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