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  1. I wanted to reach out to you for a follow-up question, if that's alright. From all the things I preemptively find myself worrying about that could go wrong the day I find an articling position, which in itself is a nuisance, the biggest one that sticks out to me (and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way) is the overwhelming feeling of the imposter syndrome. I simply don't feel cut for being a junior lawyer, because despite being a good student and having performed well in non-legal jobs, I just haven't been able to envision myself as someone so knowledgeable in providing legal counsel, that I'm very scared of the day my opinion will impact someone's life in such a drastic way. The fear has no logical basis. I am aware. But what can you advise me with this complex I've developed purely out of some distant fear? Maybe I just need to go and meditate more.
  2. Great dose of reality that I needed - thank you!
  3. Thank you for your response - I should have been more specific in that I enjoy the transactional, solicitor side of things, so I'm very much for employment law, corporate, commercial real estate, or immigration. I've completely ruled out criminal and civil litigation, only because I don't think my personality is equipped for the skills needed in those. As such, I am applying to the areas aforementioned and will concentrate my efforts in that direction going forward!
  4. Given that it's mental health awareness week, I thought I'd voice out the issues I've been dealing with on this hunt. Being a foreign law grad, and finally being done with my NCA exams, all I can say is that this has been a very taxing period, and perhaps what I'm looking for is some advice to get through these turbulent times. First of all, the lack of career support was something I failed to comprehend before I arrived back in Canada. I understand maybe it's not all that different going to a Canadian law school, but still, there must be some tangible differences. I'm heavily reliant on Indeed at the moment. On top of that, the isolation with which I spent the last year studying for the NCA's was gruelling. I went out for coffees and cold-called lawyers, and they gave me solid application tips and an insight of their journey. Of course, I couldn't start working until I get my Certificate of Qualification so I'm waiting on that now. But sometimes it felt like a chore hoisting myself to the library to study, with lots of question marks looming over my head: which practice area will I end up? how much will the pay be? will I be liked, and can I cope with my preexisting anxiety? Those questions still haunt me, but I am making an effort to be easy on myself and figure out what's in my control (refining my cover letters, making sure I'm applying to those firms where I truly want to work at), and disregarding the rest (externals like what my principal's perception of me will be like despite my preparation for an interview / how clueless I'll feel once I have to represent a client in a courtroom). It seems so basic that I shouldn't have to spell it out - and yet, having to deal with your very real emotions clouding your judgment has proven to be a daily hurdle. I feel very helpless sometimes, as I want to start earning for my family as well, and I will be writing the Bar exams soon, but the idea of being called and still not having a job sounds like the worse thing in the world, even if I sound like I'm exaggerating. Appreciate your help, and I am very sincere about this post.
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