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  1. Were you able to drive home your interest in staying in Vancouver? Also did you make sure to use top choice language for the firm you in-firmed with? I've heard firms will typically give offers to people who use top choice language first before extending offers to those who don't (assuming the feeling is mutual, of course).
  2. Thank you everyone! I think I'll stick with my cactus for now
  3. OMG barf. If true, please, law gods, never let me work with these people, regardless of where I end up 😳.
  4. To add since I was a 1L at the time, there were also concerns about academic dishonesty with exams being online and rumours spread about people planning to collaborate (+ fears of what that would do to the curve), but I think everyone likely realized how big of a time crunch exams are to begin with and I personally have no clue how collaboration would help (just study, people!! It does wonders!! Also boggles my mind how people who are supposed to be entering a profession like law would even consider cheating, but that's a discussion for another time). I think the general discussions/debates over the issue were fine and both sides had very valid points of view. For the most part people were respectful. However, some individuals chose to resort to personal attacks/insults (publicly) in response to opposing points of view which is what made it a really uncomfortable situation (and reflected super poorly on the students). Again, another reflection of 1Ls not being their most ethical, professional selves. I think Allard made the right call to do optional Cr/D/F, but I'm curious to know how that has impacted recruitment for students who opted in.
  5. Yes. Isolation combined with classes, extracurriculars, and the 2L summer recruit really has me feeling burnt out. Even when I finally have some time to catch up on everything, I can't seem to focus on it. And then I feel guilty.
  6. I wasn't sure whether this should go here or in off-topic, but I am wondering how many people here own pets (and dogs in particular), and how they find it is balancing their legal careers with the needs of their fur family (play time, walks/runs, bathroom breaks etc.). Are firms understanding of pet ownership? Are any firms pet-friendly? Is it delusional to want a dog while also being a lawyer (especially a young one just starting out)? Does it vary by practice area/firm size?
  7. There really is no need to try and get ahead or anything when it comes to the readings. Don't worry about it until you get the official book list from the school, and don't bother reading until you know what your specific professors are assigning out of each book (the profs can take widely different approaches across sections). You are better off relaxing, working, doing things you enjoy etc., because the opportunity to do these things diminishes significantly once you start law school (and reading a bunch of cases ahead of time and out of context likely won't change that).
  8. In upper year classes at UBC I think they range from 15 to 75 per class (that I've seen), depending on whether it is a lecture-style or seminar course. I don't know if class size makes it harder or not to beat the curve, if that is what you're concerned about. It all really depends on who is in the class and your own grasp on the material. If you're in a class of 20 students with lots of high performing students, you might find it harder to break average unless you are also high performing.
  9. I did PBSC in 1L and really enjoyed it because I got to do legal research and writing and basically apply stuff I was learning in school to live issues. That being said, many of my friends in PBSC complained they didn't get very interesting work or work that really helped build any strictly legal skills. I think it reaallyy depends on the organization you get placed with.
  10. yeaaaaa I think there's a difference between expressing your concerns to an appropriate authority about these violations to see if a solution can be found internally versus jumping straight to anonymously gathering information off social media to send to employers in an attempt to screw someone's chances of finding a summer job. The above tweets seem to ignore the problematic nature of the method and underlying motivations of the snitching.
  11. Almost wish this would happen to clear the names of the people NOT involved if this impacts the reputation of the Allard community as a whole
  12. The pass/fail debacle in spring 2020 got pretty bad at one point between certain students, but I don't think it came close to this blatant undermining of other students. Who could have thought this was a good idea -- I have no idea.
  13. My understanding is that it was initially thought to be 2Ls, but CSO sent an update saying it was actually 1Ls involved / responsible. I'm sorry for whoever ends up being on a team with personalities like these one day. There's nothing wrong with being frustrated by the lack of health order compliance, but trying to sabotage your peers like this is just low. Big yikes.
  14. Oh joy! I've forgotten about it a bit since Zoom School became a thing. I wonder if the dynamic will change if/when classes are back in person.
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