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  1. In the UK things are a bit different. There are LLB programs for students who already have a bachelors, so although the lectures might be the same, the exams and grading is different. There are also no courses that are non law related. Although going to law school straight out of highschool is unusual in North America, it is the standard in Europe and some other Asian countries. So it is hard to say that the programs are easier simply because of the students who attend them.
  2. What is "easier" in my opinion is quite subjective. I can't speak about Australia, but for UK LLB programs all the exams are closed books and grades are not curved. My understanding is that in Canada you are allowed to bring an outline to exams and most schools will grade on a curve. I don't think either is "easier" as both have their challenges. Law school is hard regardless of where you are completing the degree.
  3. becoming an accredited lawyer in Canada is easier than becoming one in the UK. If you're looking to work in Europe, like some ppeople have said you will need to know a few EU languages, french, german would probs be the most useful ones. You can also pursue LLB in European schools in France, Germany, Italy, all of which have programs taught fully in english. If you take this route you will have to come back to Canada and be accredited here. I've lived in Europe for a long time, and have plenty of friends who are living there. I would suggest doing a JD in Canada doing your articles and then doing an LLM in Europe. (you will have your Canadian JD to fall back on if at any point you change your mind). Just because a school like Western isn't well known in Europe does not mean you will not get into a prestigious school in Europe for your LLM. You can also research any canadian schools who have exchange programs in Europe (if there are any). However, International lawyer jobs, or any EU position is going to highly favour European citizens.
  4. you can always do a JD and a LLM in the UK or Europe
  5. Sorry to intrude in this discussion, but I am wondering if you've encountered UK grads getting Crown jobs?
  6. I didn’t disclose much information because I know this is a decision I have to make on my own. I wanted to know what factors people consider when making these decisions to see if maybe I am overlooking something. As for my situation, I worked for the partners of two of the law firms before law school, and the last offer was due to sheer luck and countless follow ups. I know I am disadvantaged because of where I am going to school so I want to make the best decision possible for my future!
  7. I was lucky enough to receive 3 summer offers, 2 at boutique firms and 1 at a larger (still quite small) firm. I am having a hard time deciding between them. My main interest is crim law, although they all practice it, it is not their specialty. Does anyone have any advice on how they picked? I am a 1L, would doing a summer at a firm that doesn't specialize in my interest bad?
  8. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/study-canada/work.html
  9. Has anyone successfully transferred from a foreign Law School to a Canadian one? How was your experience? How competitive were you?
  10. I’m a 1L looking for a summer job/volunteer position. I am wondering who I should email at a law firm to inquire? Should I email HR or a partner? Initially I was going to email HR, but one of the partners at the law firm I am interested in volunteering works in a very specific sector which requires a language thats not commonly spoken that I am fluent in. would I hurt my chances if I emailed the partner directly to inquire if they have any openings?
  11. Hi everyone! I started to look for possible summer jobs and was wondering what kind of jobs 1L usually have? I also curious to know if there are any online resources where law related job would be posted?
  12. I'm looking into the possibility of transferring from a Law School outside of Canada to a Canadian Law School. I know this is extremely difficult and unlikely, but I am curious to know if anyone has done it or if they have had classmates who have transferred after their first year! Any replies or PMs would be very helpful! Thank you!!
  13. Hi Ryn or ZineZ!, I'm wondering if during your time there was a number of transfer students from the UK/AUS joining 2L?
  14. Hey Everyone! I'd like to preface this post by saying I know that going to the UK is not the best idea, and I am aware of all the obstacles I will face when trying to come back and practice in Canada. I was waitlisted to a couple of Canadian Schools but it seems like the chances of me getting in this cycle are pretty slim at this point. I have a UK school as my backup and if I don't get into any Canadian Schools I plan to attend their program. I've read in this forum in the past that a few students were able to transfer into Canadian Schools after the first year of school. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how difficult this is? Or if they had classmates that transferred from the UK? Thank you!
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