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  1. I’m a 1L looking for a summer job/volunteer position. I am wondering who I should email at a law firm to inquire? Should I email HR or a partner? Initially I was going to email HR, but one of the partners at the law firm I am interested in volunteering works in a very specific sector which requires a language thats not commonly spoken that I am fluent in. would I hurt my chances if I emailed the partner directly to inquire if they have any openings?
  2. Hi everyone! I started to look for possible summer jobs and was wondering what kind of jobs 1L usually have? I also curious to know if there are any online resources where law related job would be posted?
  3. I'm looking into the possibility of transferring from a Law School outside of Canada to a Canadian Law School. I know this is extremely difficult and unlikely, but I am curious to know if anyone has done it or if they have had classmates who have transferred after their first year! Any replies or PMs would be very helpful! Thank you!!
  4. Hi Ryn or ZineZ!, I'm wondering if during your time there was a number of transfer students from the UK/AUS joining 2L?
  5. Hey Everyone! I'd like to preface this post by saying I know that going to the UK is not the best idea, and I am aware of all the obstacles I will face when trying to come back and practice in Canada. I was waitlisted to a couple of Canadian Schools but it seems like the chances of me getting in this cycle are pretty slim at this point. I have a UK school as my backup and if I don't get into any Canadian Schools I plan to attend their program. I've read in this forum in the past that a few students were able to transfer into Canadian Schools after the first year of school. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how difficult this is? Or if they had classmates that transferred from the UK? Thank you!
  6. Does anyone know is sask sends an email stating that the class is full?
  7. Got the same generic answer today
  8. seems like there is some movement but hard to tell
  9. Has anyone heard anything?
  10. I’m a 0L trying to plan ahead as much as I can. My partner is currently in medical school and when they will go through their residency matches I will have completed my articling (hopefully). I am wondering how difficult it would be for me to move provinces to follow them if they match in a different province? I’m also interested to know if lawyers use recruiting companies to look for jobs? thanks!
  11. I’m waitlisted and cannot find the decision history tab as well. They must be doing some sort of maintenance
  12. I recently got waitlisted so I am trying to plan my possible move for the 2nd semester or Maybe first. I was wondering if there are any areas that I should look at specifically. I’d like a nice place, and I’d like the possibility to live alone. I will not have a car so I’m wondering if there’s any areas that are walking distance or with a direct bus route? Grocery stores in the area would be ideal too! I’m from out of province and google can only help so much. Thank you so much!
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