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  1. I’m waitlisted and cannot find the decision history tab as well. They must be doing some sort of maintenance
  2. I recently got waitlisted so I am trying to plan my possible move for the 2nd semester or Maybe first. I was wondering if there are any areas that I should look at specifically. I’d like a nice place, and I’d like the possibility to live alone. I will not have a car so I’m wondering if there’s any areas that are walking distance or with a direct bus route? Grocery stores in the area would be ideal too! I’m from out of province and google can only help so much. Thank you so much!
  3. No, you will have to email them and let them know you would like to be taken off the waitlist
  4. Please delete this if it's not allowed. I have a new 2 bedroom apartment for rent available right next to campus. Please message me if you're interested.
  5. Are you applying for Sept 2020? If so, I would just apply to the ones you mentioned. If you're applying for Fall 2021 I would take the LNAT and try to get into UCL, King's, LSE, Oxbridge etc. But as the other people before me mentioned unless you're going to a top school in the UK there really is no difference between Leicester & Kent. I am headed to the UK in the fall and have done extensive research about all the school you mentioned, msg me if you have any questions!
  6. For the last 2 years I've been consumed with the idea of getting into law school that I lost track of what practicing law actually entails. I've always been interested in very niche areas of law, but I understand that during interviews etc it is important to show a wide interest and a eagerness to learn. So I have 2 questions: 1. What type of law do you practice vs. what type of law did you think you were going to practice? ( I'm mainly interested in seeing the various options practicing lawyers have) Through the forum I also read a lot of comments of people saying they had to go "find" new clients. I am a very reserved person, and the idea of me going out and actively contacting strangers to see if they need legal help terrifies me (My apologies if this is not how it actually works, any insight would be great). For reference I do well in social settings, and have never had a problem socializing at work with people, I just don't enjoy doing it. But this brings me to my second question 2. Will I survive as a lawyer if I am not extremely social? Thanks!
  7. I am not currently in Law school but I like taking notes with my Ipad pro. I watch online lectures on my macbook & use the ipad to take notes.
  8. Rejected this morning 2.9/161
  9. It appears the NCA is not going to change it's policy on online degrees, requiring 2 years to be taught in an in person setting. Are you planning on taking a year off/starting in January/ changing your degree to a 3 year LLB?
  10. Thank you, that's what i thought but i wanted to make sure.
  11. I was wondering if anyone knows if the posted $20k tuition for Ryerson is per year or per semester? https://www.ryerson.ca/law/admissions/tuition-financial-assistance/ on the website it says its for fall 2020, does this mean that the tuition is 42k per year?
  12. I am wondering what types of jobs 1L's typically have in the summer? is there any websites I can look at to get an idea of what is offered for Law Students? I'd also be open to doing volunteer and not paid work! Thank you
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