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  1. My profile says decision pending since January...but I haven't heard back. I applied for early admission. Does anyone know if in the past admissions this meant the people were wait listed or something?
  2. Congrats! When did you apply?
  3. Idk how much decision pending actually means. I've been "decision pending" for a couple of months now.
  4. Pretty sure they rejected me before my application was complete and just waited for the missing LOR to send me the email LOL. For reference the application was completed Feb 28 2020.
  5. Got rejected this morning. Good luck to everyone.
  6. CGPA 2.7 LSAT: 161 Good References & EC. My PS wasn't great imo.
  7. Rejected today as well! Best of luck to everyone.
  8. Same here! When did you apply/when was your application completed?
  9. Did they say they are looking over regular applicants this week?
  10. is anyone aware of the treshold & how the index is calculated? When do rejections start rolling out?
  11. Thank you for this. I initially calculated my GPA incorrectly and one class in my L20 is currently bringing down my average. I started getting a bit worried because my status has been "pending decision" since mid Dec and I haven't heard back. When I spoke to Leanne she said my application was in line to be reviewed and I should hear back in 3 weeks. But from the posts in the forum i started getting worried my application won't be reviewed at all because of the low GPA?
  12. I spoke with Leanne, and she said its 60/40. My friend called the following day and the person he spoke with said the GPA is not weighed higher than the LSAT. Given it's a holistic process wouldn't all applications be looked at?
  13. I'm wondering if anyone could shed some light on how holistic TRU's admission process actually is? I believe my LSAT, EC, PS, & References are all competitive. However, my GPA is lower than I had initially assumed. I am wondering if any current/past students had a lower GPA and still got in? Does anyone how the GPA L20 is looked at? I've been looking through the forum and cannot find much info/many admitted people with low GPA. If anyone would be willing to talk in PM's or comment their experience I would greatly appreciate it!
  14. I believe pending decision means that the GPA & LSAT have been calculated and the application is in line to be reviewed by the committee!
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