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  1. Hi everyone! I am a bit confused about how the tuition is for the dual program! Can anyone help me out with this and provide me a link where I could get more information on this? Also, how would financial aid/loans work for this type of program?
  2. Congrats! When did you take your LSAT? do you remember when ur profile said "Referred to admissions" before getting accepted?
  3. I applied to the single and the dual. My status is complete for the single but for the dual it still says incomplete and I don't know why
  4. This website is super helpful: https://www.lawyeredu.org/state-requirements.html You just choose the state that you might want to practice in and Command+F foreign That will bring you to the foreign degree section and it will tell you what that state's requirements are. Some states would just need you to go to law school in the US (LLM) which is about 1 year long. Other states will need you to directly write the bar (no extra schooling). While others will not mind as long as you are an experienced lawyer.
  5. Got rejected today. Best of luck to everyone still waiting
  6. My university is actually located in Quebec so they need to email my transcripts to OLSAS but I don’t know what the email address is and neither does my university’s registrar office. I contacted OLSAS but they keep telling me to contact my registrar and that they will know the email address (when they don’t)
  7. I am out of province too, I emailed them and they just copy pasted the same information that was on the OLSAS website but no indication of any specific email address and my school is asking for a specific email address that I need to manually enter for them to send an electronic transcript (my school isn't mailing anything anymore). Let me know if it gets processed and shows up, I am really worried too
  8. What email address did you send it to? I have to manually type everything for the transcript request at my school and i dont know which email to send it to
  9. I wanted to know if anyone sent their Winter 2020 grades and how they did it? My school isn't mailing any transcripts at the moment since my school is closed but they said they could email them. I am not sure if they would have to email OLSAS or the Queen's directly, has anyone tried or looked into this?
  10. How long after the exam did you complete the writing sample?
  11. The practice questions are completely different from the actual interview questions which are more focused on law school type interview questions. The. practice questions are a bit silly but they are a way to just get you used to using the system. You can do the practice many times and go back to it later and practice some more if you'd like before actually doing the real thing. Good luck everyone!
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