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  1. I'm guessing you had King? His contracts aren't out yet either. Shane said they would be tomorrow/Monday probably. Frankie Young has her property marks out.
  2. I thought it was total BS when people told me to just chill out and wait. But honestly, that's all you can do. Please do not try to do anything law school related aside from talking to older students about their experiences and tips. Maybe read some 0L book out there? When you get there, find a successful 2/3L and chat with them early and often, they'll be glad to help.
  3. So if the grades meeting is on May 13 then when will 1L grades come out? Is it usually the next day or a few days?
  4. King? Lol I probably have the same one
  5. Definitely retake with a 154 if you think there's even a chance you can do better. 166 here, similar GPA and only in at 2 Ontario schools.
  6. L2 would be 2nd and 3rd year grades assuming full time. Totally something no one talks about and I had to find out here too.
  7. The problem being that Guelph might not have known that I for sure graduated when I sent in my transcript, just that it was expected.
  8. Oh please tell me I'm freaking out for no reason. I sent in my final grades once I got them from the University of Guelph where I did my undergrad. It says that the last day to have transcripts in to olsas is June 30th, but the one I sent in earlier says graduation is expected not completed. Is this a problem? I cannot get a new one in before that obviously. I plan on calling first thing in the morning but it is stressing me out not knowing. If I messed the whole thing up with this small error I will never get over it. Help lol...
  9. So you wouldn't recommend learning any basics (especially for a science student with no law experience)?
  10. Okay, hear me out. I understand what everyone says about 0L summer as far as not being efficient in trying to get ahead and needing relaxing time off beforehand. Buuut, I am home during covid and I am incredibly bored with more free time than I have ever had. So, is there really nothing I can do to prepare me for 1L better or to get ahead? Any tips would be very welcome. I figure why show up and be stressed for a term when I have months beforehand with nothing to do at all besides a few hobbies. Thanks! Edit: for extra info I will be going to Western, where it will be primarily in-person
  11. I would love to read this book. Sounds like the perfect read for 0L summer. Thanks!
  12. Are you guys certain this isn't another university called Western University in the States? Seems odd since the letter is pretty specific about what payee to add. Sorry if I'm being pedantic I just don't have $500 to throw away right now lol. Thanks for checking for me, though!
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