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  1. I'd be heavily leaning to postponing and reapplying (assuming UVic wouldn't grant a deferral) if this is the case. I am looking at law school as an experience which would be better in-person for both learning and meeting people. Also, I am a science major and I have no idea how to go about learning in law school. Learning this all by myself would be super difficult in my opinion. Hopefully this decision never has to be made...
  2. I would certainly ask for deferral if it we're grounds for it. That is not the 1L experience I would be looking for.
  3. Anyone think there's a chance classes start remotely for the fall 2020 semester?? As an incoming 1L who took bio as undergrad that would be brutal I think. But I guess if that's what it takes there's nothing I can do.
  4. Hi everyone, First world problems, I know. But, I am having a bit of a panic about this decision. I am doing my undergrad at Guelph, close to the GTA where I live and plan on practicing one day. Until today, my only offer was to UVic and I was fine with that, knowing it is a great school even if it is quite far from home. After receiving my offer from Windsor today, I am at a crossroads. Looking online, it seems that Victoria is highly regarded compared to Windsor, even if I wish to return to Southern Ontario (which I do). After the April 1 deadline, I presume my offer to Windsor goes away, but I can still hold out for Queens/Western into the summer, correct? Any and all help is appreciated, Thanks!
  5. Hey all, I was lucky enough to get accepted to UVic about a month ago, and the first month of my last semester of my undergrad has been going not so smoothly. Grades are suffering. If I choose to accept my offer soon (around the late March deadline but before it), will they still look at my final term's grades and take that opportunity to reconsider my acceptance? I don't think it will be that bad but I was just wondering if I really am as safe as I hope. Thanks!
  6. Hope for splitters, I got the call last night! cGPA (4.33, no drops) - 3.56 LSAT - 166 (93rd %ile) Makes for an index of 910 I believe, go Vikes.
  7. So does L2 mean semesters 4,5,6,7 or 3,4,5,6? Lol sorry if these questions are annoyingly specific but I would love to know how this all works.
  8. What about schools that claim to be L2 oriented? Do they not actually value your L2 more if you are currently completing your undergrad?
  9. Hey everyone, I hear that Western is a good school for splitters like me with my low cGPA but 93rd %ile LSAT. Is this score good enough to make up for my subpar grades? I applied this cycle and would rather not retake. Also, I am currently completing my first semester of fourth year and should finish with a ~3.7 for the term. Does anyone know if this will then count as half of my L2 or do they take your last four available semesters as your L2? Thanks so much for your help in advance.
  10. October 20th, pretty late as I understand it.
  11. Interesting that you say that. I had always heard that Ottawa leaned more heavily on cGPA than LSAT, which would not bode well for me. Could you explain? Thanks!
  12. I am in a similar boat to most of you. Index of 902 without drops (908 if they drop two of my Ontario one-semester classes, not sure how that actually gets calculated) and just updated to Law - to committee for review. I'm seeing here that that is not great news, but hopefully that just means they are waiting for my fall grades to make a (positive!) decision. My fall grades should bring my index before drops up to 905. Nerve-wracking.
  13. I have been a volunteer with a student-run advocacy and referral service for the past three semesters, I worked at a law firm last summer (boss wrote me letter) and I played several intramural sports to name a few. I am guessing middle of the road.
  14. Hi everyone, I have sort of a unique situation. My LSAT is fairly high, 93rd %ile, but my grades are not too special. Where my situation seems to be unique to splitters is that my L2 is worse than my overall cGPA because I had a few courses screw me in my second semester of third year. I applied to Queen's, Western, UVic, Ottawa and Windsor. Chances??? Thanks!!!
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