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  1. You sound very similar to to us, who are very anxious. We went to see an psychologist for anxiety issues. Here is something you may find useful, in terms of understanding yourself in case you happen not to know. Being anxious is a trait of personality and is at least partially linked with your genetic inheritance. If you can recall a close relative who is very anxious, then likely you got the genes that make you very prone to be anxious. Anxiety is mostly linked with low tolerance of uncertainty in some way. Being anxious and conscientiousness at the same time is even worse. You work all the time due to anxiety but often find it to be counterproductive. For instance, a person may come up with an extremely detailed life plan if not road map for every single seniceros even for the long term. In a different world, you are not very different from a crazy perfectionist in other people's eyes.[ no offense intended.] The trouble however is how to deal with the anxiety. This is easier said than done. Often, anxiety have origins in real, solid difficulties in life: Anxiety is a magnifier, rather than an originator. This is where I emphasize one piece of advice of @Malicious Prosecutor: you really should see a psychologist for anxiety issues if you have serious anxiety issues. You could achieve a deep-level of understanding upon your anxiety issue. but I fear you do not have so much time for self-learning. An expert could save you a lot of time. You are right: In the worst case, it could mean you should change your position. But often, the issue is not so serious and just need some tactics and management.
  2. Thank you for your story. An interesting read. I doubt there is a causal relationship between your quick adaptability and the time you spent learning to write. Some people become rigid because they spent so much time. Nonetheless I cannot ascertain the exact reason for your adaptability, could be your IQ, could be your personality(high openness, industrious, etc). God knows.
  3. Thank you two. 😀 @Ryn @ZineZ I will adjust my understanding accordingly. @Ladybug8712 My understanding about auto rejection is wrong, please see the discussion among Ryn, Zinez and me.
  4. @ZineZ My perception of auto-rejection is based on Ray's worlds above. It could be Ryn is wrong or my understanding is off trail. However, I speculate the more likely case is the auto-rejection threshold based on cGPA is too low to matter for most candidates. [not for all candidates, as there are people I know who graduated with 2.X cGPA on a math/physics major from a top university in U.S.A., such as Caltech. I would by no means say they have lower IQ than I do. ] Even with holistic approach, it seems admission committees must reply on expedience due to the sheer volume of applications. Forgive me in trying to define the cGPA ranges, it is partially due to my training of Engineering and mechanical thinking. But I do understand in matters like this, all so-called defined ranges have fuzzy edges. Thus it is extremely hard to provide a number for the lower threshold of high GPA. This probably is one reason among many why people are frustrated to answer chance questions: Is 3.6 high ? extremely hard to say as it is on the edge. Is LSAT 160 high or low? Extremely hard to say as it is on the edge, not to mention the difference across schools.
  5. I can tell you some observations I obtained in high-tech industry. I believe it is true in most if not all fields such as economics, military, and investing. Maybe they can calm you. The more one knows, the less ones brag about it: The more ones know, the more one realizes one doesn't know. Greater knowledge brings more fears if not humbleness simply because one knows one could be wrong. Only fools believes they must be right for something. For instance, one may say nothing can just hit the wall and then go through it without damaging the wall or itself. really? quantum mechanics says it is possible. The best employers or schools mostly does not care about technicals but fundamentals. Are you really a self-learner? Do you have discipline and integrity? For instance, medicore companies often require bug free code in interviews but Google does not and focuses on the logic(pseudocode). Seemly simple characteristics are extremely hard to come by, although everyone claims he/she is reliable, disciplined, honest and a self-learner. Most of them are just gibberish if not propaganda.
  6. I think the extractions of the above video are: People who have studied details of some aspects of the law before, often are overconfident mistakely and do not do as well as they'd expect. I.e., criminal justice majors, paralegals. Law school mostly is about disciplining and critical thinking. Thus, philosophy amd musical and engineer majors often does better. Law school writing is a kind of technical writing. Thus often English majors and Journalism majors would suffer, at least in the beginning, because they do not know how to write law school essays but think they do mistakenly. So it is mostly about discipline and critical thinking.
  7. @Ryn I went through all your previous replies in this post but cannot find answers to my questions. Can you please help me with them? It seems like there are vague ranges/definitions of low cGPA and high cGPA. My feeling after reading your posts is Auto rejection: below 3.0 Low cGPA: 3.0-3.5 High cGPA: 3.6-4.0 Would you say I understanding is roughly right? Or would you modify the numbers and/or introduce more classes like mid cGPA or super high cGPA?
  8. @Ladybug8712 I think @Ryn already answered your question in prior posts. If you go through them carefully, you would find them. General extraction from his/her words: It firstly depends on schools. Mcgill does not even require LSAT. Ontario law schools value cGPA generally more than LSAT, at least for the fresh graduates. For mature student, a high LSAT( I don't know how high it must be) score can offset low GPA much more significantly than it can for fresh graduate. For fresh graduate, cGPA is much harder to be offsetted by higher LSAT. In either case, there is a degree of limit you can offset one by another. If your cGPA is too low( I don't know the threshold, but it seems like 3.0 <= the cutoff line ), it does not matter how high your LSAT may be. You would get an auto rejection. My understanding is @Ryn's feeling is a high LSAT( I don't know how high it needs to be. but seems like the threshold >= 160) can possibly offset a relatively low cGPA of 3.3-3.5. If your LSAT is too low, the degree that you can offset it by higher cGPA is higher. Again I don't know the exact numbers. Ryn can correct me if I am wrong.
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