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  1. Other than jeopardizing your tuition deposit if you opt for McGill after paying $450 to Osgoode, and potentially disadvantaging other applicants who are waiting for your seat, there is nothing stopping you from doing this.
  2. I was informed by Housing that Osgoode Chambers will be open to incoming students. There's also no good reason why they can't be open -- they're separated units, move-in / lease signing can be done with physical distancing, and it's easy revenue during a period where all schools are cash strapped. There's no way York would let them sit empty. The only question is when Housing will start processing applications to OC, and Housing has said they don't know. But it's worth mentioning that in previous years, Housing typically didn't send OC offers until early June. So it's still early, even if it doesn't get delayed this year. I'm hoping they'll come through soon. If I don't hear back by the of June, I'll start looking for alternate arrangements.
  3. Probably because $1000/mo is quite affordable relative to many parts of Canada (e.g. Vancouver, Toronto, etc) so it may be a real cost savings to many, and there is value in being in the same time zone as well as being proximal to the school to hang out with small groups of classmates, network, engage in ECs, etc. Not everyone has the option or would want to go live with mommy and daddy far from the school.
  4. UVIC apps aren't even due until mid January and many won't get a decision until April, May, or later.You're fine.
  5. Yeah it's been there since November. Means nothing.
  6. Diagnostic Tests are a marketing gimmick for LSAT tutors to quantify and sell "improvement", even though a chunk of those gains are inherent to just having done the test before. The main real benefit is instilling the fear of god into a student that they will need to listen and learn alternate problem solving methods to get to their goal score.You have to respond to different types of questions in a fairly contrived, systematic way in order to manage time well: how you interpret and approach them during a diagnostic is mostly irrelevant. After you've done a few PTs, preferably after studying a full curriculum, you'll know what areas are your weakness for more tailored study. I wouldn't analyze performance on a diagnostic at all. IMO its ability to predict ultimate highest LSAT score is comparable to a buzzfeed IQ test's.
  7. Yep, and that's why I didn't bother to cancel my application upon accepting another Ontario school. The problem is Ryerson not only gives a grace period (which I understand a few other schools do too in case of technical delays), and not only is that grace period multiple weeks, but they also give a grace period after the grace period... so you end up with too much time (slowing their ability to re-issue offers that weren't accepted... a big deal for a school likely to have a low yield). I think part of this is Ryerson learned their process for communicating acceptances (i.e. message in your RAMSS account that perpetually looks broken, and without any email notification) is not good enough, hence the need for grace periods when people miss their offer. Not the best implementation, but this is their first cycle so it's unsurprisingly a test go.
  8. They sent me an offer on January 15, with expiry April 1. I accepted elsewhere in Ontario. Then they sent me a letter mid-April saying I had one more week to contact them if I was still interested in the offer. You can imagine that if they gave someone else an offer after April 1, today he may still have time to accept their offer based on this approach... even if he accepted somewhere else. Just be patient and don't read too much into it.
  9. Let's be real: an insignificant number of people would favor Ryerson over their other options and then be dissuaded because Ryerson was a few weeks/months slower than the other schools. The people who have better options will almost always pursue them regardless of how fast/slow Ryerson gets to them, and the people who favor Ryerson for their own personal reasons (e.g. proximity to family/friends) also have their minds made up.
  10. Mine took 3 business days, in early April.
  11. I'm still in the group after cancelling my Queen's acceptance. I'd imagine others are in the same boat. I wouldn't infer anything from fb group size.
  12. It's definitely possible. Going into law school with an okay salary and a flexible corporate job that I can work remotely at however many hours I want (e.g. 8 hours/wk during school and 40 hrs/wk during breaks), I could cover tuition and living expenses if I strategically chose a school based on costs (e.g. UofA comes to mind), worked in my free time, and adopted a reasonably tight budget. That said, it would be a real sacrifice for me and I can't say I'd want to live under that austere a budget while pushing myself for 3+ years because I know I'd burnout in the mix. At the end of the day, I don't live to study/practice law, I study/practice law to live. I don't want to totally give away my best years (twenties) and not take vacations / go out / enjoy life on the hope that reduced debt / interest in my 30s will be beneficial. Crazy vacations, fun nights out, new friends while I am healthy, willing, and able are more important to me than paying prime interest on my tuition and living expenses. In my case, I didn't really choose a school based on cost, but rather on upside. I am confident that the upside will pay dividends over the increased costs, even if it forces me to take on more debt in the meantime.
  13. Applying for government loans isn't a prerequisite to applying for a PSLOC. Getting approved for a larger PSLOC limit than you want / need typically isn't problematic because you can always lower the limit later, the amount you can touch in any given year is typically a subset of the total approved amount anyway, and you don't pay any fees / interest on the unused limit. Personally, I would apply for the PSLOC as soon as you can just to be prudent in case there is any difficulties getting approval and/or the financial institution revises its lending/risk policies due to the recession (no evidence to suggest they are looking at this, but no harm in being prudent).
  14. Your arguments don't work. 1. There is a subset of people who will defer to next year and have their seat saved. Others (who want to defer but are not allowed) may simply reject their offer and reapply. If someone is set on the deferral, losing a $500 deposit (or less at some schools) and having to resubmit the application isn't much of a barrier. Schools like UBC are even offering deposit refunds. 2. Data does reflect that. 3. The test is learnable. The median applicant is going to see some material gains if they have months extra to study.
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