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  1. Update: LSAC sent out reports to all of my requestors today. None of them mark having received it yet, though that's not surprising considering it's busy season for receiving and processing documents for them. UofA also requested my score from LSAC today (10 days after applying) and it shows LSAC has since provided it.
  2. LSAC received 10 requests from schools I applied to and LSAC has sent 0 reports in response. My LSAT writing portion wasn't cleared until 2 days ago (I recognize that caused the delay), but I too am not sure if I now need to do do something to get LSAC to start working on those 10 requests. It would be really helpful for clearer guidance on this.
  3. UofT sends an Acknowledgement of Receipt within a week of submission. They don't have a status checker portal and you won't hear until they render a decision. They do 3 rounds: in mid December, late January, and mid March. You can check their Tumblr blog to know when those do take place.
  4. Are the mathematical equations underpinning the admissions predictor available directly? I have a master Excel document tracking everything relating to my admissions process and it would be helpful to have the (admittedly approximated) formulas for Ontario schools so I can play around with scenarios and consolidate information. For example, my spreadsheet lights up for UBC, UVIC, and UofA chances via the known index formulas based on various measures of my grades (L2, % w/ drops for UBC, GPA with drops for UVIC) and LSAT scores (existing and predicted). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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