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  1. When did you write your LSAT?
  2. Hello, When do schools usually check your file if you wrote the LSAT in November? Thanks!
  3. When did you write your lSAT?
  4. Has anyone gone to Bond Uni? What was the experience coming back to Canada?
  5. No you can't prepare. They ask and you have about 20-30 secs to think about it
  6. Do you know what the online interview process is like? Also, if the online interview needs to be completed before November 1st? Thanks!
  7. Has anyone applied to Ryerson yet? What was the part B and online interview process like?
  8. Has anyone ordered transcripts from UVIC to be sent to the schools? What was the process like?
  9. Has anyone gone through part b(Hypothetical) and online interview for the Ryerson application?
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