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  1. Thanks for sharing that! Would you mind if I ask when you completed your application?
  2. Should I have a writing sample on my file in order to complete my application? I have not done my writing portion yet, and I am a little worried.
  3. Hi All, So I am applying to TRU Law and about to start writing my personal statement. I would like to ask for some advice in regards to the following questions: 1. I unsuccessfully applied to the same school last cycle, and the admission committee "encouraged to reapply with additional volunteer experiences that obtain in the interim." Would it be worth mentioning in my personal statement for this cycle? I fully understand that such a statement from the ad comm does not give me any sort guarantee, but I started several volunteer positions because of that comment and am planning to incorporate that experience into my PS (those volunteer experiences actually solidified my interest in law and I genuinely enjoyed them). If I mention that, I will keep it very short, just as a starting point. 2. Would it be okay to mention that I am interested in taking a very specific course with a specific law professor? One professor who teaches upper year immigration law course at TRU, has her research interest in immigration law and labour law within the context of immigration, and that is exactly my interest, too. So I was wondering if it would be okay to mention that as well. I know that questions about PS are very subjective in nature, but I wanted to get some advice since most people in this community are much more familiar with the process than I am. Any insight would be really appreciated. Thank you so much and happy new year!
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