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  1. Hello! I submitted my writing sample for the September LSAT last week and it was approved this morning. I also received an email from U Ottawa confirming that they received my application. In the document tracker of OLSAS my LSAT score has not appeared yet. Do you know if this will be detrimental as schools receive my application? Do you know when my LSAT score will appear in OLSAS? Thank you!
  2. Hello! I'm worried about my cumulative average :(. Do you think I might have a shot at Western, Queen's, York, and Ottawa? Thank you!
  3. Hello! Pls help- I took a gap year between my undergraduate degree on a government scholarship where I studied languages at a Chinese university. The courses I took there have nothing to do with my undergraduate degree- the credits didn't transfer over. I have a paper copy of the transcript of my time there. I'm really worried that OLSAS will require that I get the Chinese university to send over my transcript to OLSAS. It's kind of a clusterfuck getting to the Chinese university- I keep getting transferred over and no one seems to know how to do this. Is this transcript necessary for my application to OLSAS? I've contacted SAM but I wanted to ask for your experiences. Thanks.
  4. Hello, fellow law school hopefuls! I was wondering if it would be reasonable to add language certifications (i.e. internationally recognized language proficiency exams) to the OLSAS sketches. Would this be under "awards/accomplishments"? What would I put down as verifier? Thanks!
  5. Thanks so much for your replies! (and the laugh)
  6. Hello! Another anxious personality type here What do you think my chances are for Queen's, Western, Victoria, Ottawa, York, UBC?
  7. Hi! I had a University of Toronto law student look over my personal statement and he recommended me to use less of a narrative style- narrative styles are more common in the states but are considered obnoxious in Canada. I'm struggling with understanding how to write a personal statement NOT in narrative form but ISN'T also just a regurgitation of the resume in longer form. What do you guys think? Thanks.
  8. Good afternoon! I had a question about the personal statement of the Queen's application. I noticed that while a lot of the personal statements I had been reading read as kind of like a story, Queen's says this about their requirements of the personal statement: "Highlight academic, personal, professional, extracurricular accomplishments; interest in studying law at Queen's; complement material; not exceed 6000 characters, including spaces" This is in opposition to something like Western's personal statement: "how your academic programs/employment has prepared you for studying law, personal and professional achievements, excellence in non-academic endeavors; life experiences that provide evidence of maturity, focus, leadership, self-discipline, creativity, or resiliency, any regiorus research or writing projects you have completed and what you learned from them, how you may contribute to the diversity of the law school in terms of background and experiences" To me, the Queen's requirement sounds less like a narrative personal statement and more like a more wordy version of the resume. Is this the correct way to go about writing the Queen's personal statement?
  9. Hello, Dinkleberg here I was wondering if it would reflect poorly on my application if I retake the September LSAT (I'm 100% sure I didn't do as well as I hoped) in November, and if November isn't as good as I hoped, to retake it again in January. Would this look poorly on my application if I cancel (or keep) the Sept score, and indicate on my application that I will be rewriting in November and January? I'm applying to UVic, Ottawa, Queen's, Western. Thank you!
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