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  1. Hello! I've been learning Chinese for fun and I've taken the HSK 5 exam. I was just wondering if knowing other languages other than English has been helpful at all during your job search- do employers care/value this skill? If so, what kind of practice preferred/desired candidates who knew other languages, like Chinese or French? Thank you!
  2. Thanks for your replies! I hope this discussion doesn't deter anyone from going to Western or Queen's, like many people have said.
  3. Hello! I was catching up with my friend who goes to Western law and he mentioned experiencing racism in London. I come from a bigger and more diverse city, so I'm lucky enough to never notice in my day to day that I'm technically a minority (Asian). Because I already feel a little apprehensive about moving to a smaller city, I wanted to hear about your experiences as a minority in London. Thanks!
  4. Hello seasoned law students/lawyers- I was hoping to look into trade law- (what is it? which firms practice it? what internships are out there? is it purely government-related? what made you want to pursue it? are there opportunities at Western/Queen's/Victoria related to trade law?) but I haven't been able to find as much information on it compared to other facets of law. As you can see I'm casting quite a large net over the topic because I'm not even sure I know what it is. I'd appreciate your insight!!
  5. Accepted yesterday morning! cGPA 3.3 LSAT 167 (one write) General
  6. If it helps you to know that others with low cGPA get into law school, I hope I can help- I have a cgpa of 3.2 and LSAT of 167. I got accepted into my top choice (Western) recently. I definitely had several moments of panic during the application process and LSAT studying process. But it worked out, somehow. Your cGPA isn't all that you offer (great job with the upward trend, by the way). I hope you don't discount the amount of work you had to put in to make up for your rocky start and it's testament to how much potential you have. At the risk of sounding overly positive, you can definitely do it!! Queens and Western are L2 schools too so if you wanted to go there you have a better shot.
  7. thanks for your responses everyone!
  8. Gooooooooood Monday morning to you all! I wanted to ask how common it is to have 100k in debt- how do your peers or you manage this much debt? Is it something that effects your life significantly on the daily?
  9. Hello! I submitted my writing sample for the September LSAT last week and it was approved this morning. I also received an email from U Ottawa confirming that they received my application. In the document tracker of OLSAS my LSAT score has not appeared yet. Do you know if this will be detrimental as schools receive my application? Do you know when my LSAT score will appear in OLSAS? Thank you!
  10. Hello! I'm worried about my cumulative average :(. Do you think I might have a shot at Western, Queen's, York, and Ottawa? Thank you!
  11. Hello! Pls help- I took a gap year between my undergraduate degree on a government scholarship where I studied languages at a Chinese university. The courses I took there have nothing to do with my undergraduate degree- the credits didn't transfer over. I have a paper copy of the transcript of my time there. I'm really worried that OLSAS will require that I get the Chinese university to send over my transcript to OLSAS. It's kind of a clusterfuck getting to the Chinese university- I keep getting transferred over and no one seems to know how to do this. Is this transcript necessary for my application to OLSAS? I've contacted SAM but I wanted to ask for your experiences. Thanks.
  12. Hello, fellow law school hopefuls! I was wondering if it would be reasonable to add language certifications (i.e. internationally recognized language proficiency exams) to the OLSAS sketches. Would this be under "awards/accomplishments"? What would I put down as verifier? Thanks!
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