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  1. Do you feel like maybe you just dreamed it? -GM
  2. I love Edmonton; can't believe the hate it gets from virtually everyone in Canada. Having said that, my GPA is 2.96 under U of A's calculation, and 4.06 under UVic's calculation. Conclusion: Go to U of A so that I can go to UVic. -GM
  3. I know this is probably not the type of answer you're looking for, but I'll offer it anyway: I don't think anyone really knows what's "average". Unlike GPA and LSAT, which (obviously) are numbers, and for which the U of C provides averages for previous classes, extracurricular activities are very broad and difficult to compare to each other. If you're looking to count up hours, for instance, that might work for a number of defined shifts that you volunteered at a homeless shelter, but be a lot harder to quantify precisely for, say, a major research project. Another example: how is an admissions committee supposed to directly compare the 'value' of being Captain of a sports team to a volunteering trip to a disadvantaged country? Sure, the trip might sound more impressive, but what if your parents paid for the trip, you had time to do it because you didn't have a summer job, and you were really shitty at hammering corrugated tin roofs together? It's all very difficult to assess, but in my opinion, they're looking for more of a wholistic sense of who you are. To a certain extent, it likely depends on how you manage to portray it, too - that is, how you explain its significance (if any) in your personal statement. Just my two cents. Now, perhaps, time for a bunch of people to chip in on just how many hours you should have volunteered in a law library per term. -GM
  4. Which ones are they? I haven't seen that for any of the schools I applied to, and I'm hoping I didn't miss something! -GM
  5. Where did you see this? This does not fit what I have seen for either of those two schools on their websites. But websites are shitty sometimes and I may have been looking at outdated sections... or maybe you were. So I would honestly appreciate if you could link to where you read this for Ottawa (I'm seeing full cGPA for them) or Queen's (I'm seeing B2, and definitely not L60). Thanks! -GM
  6. I also dropped out of grad school, perhaps for less well-justified reason. For my part I have just given the schools the benefit of the doubt that they don't directly weigh graduate grades in their admissions criteria. I sure hope I am right to trust this, but in the back of my mind I do still worry that they will look at the grad transcript and make a 'red flag' out of it, and decline me anyway. I'm more confident in U of Manitoba, because although they DO count graduate marks, all my bad ones will be dropped out of the calculation anyway so it seems more clear that they won't hurt me. Hope it works out; your UG and LSAT are obviously superlative - even for U of T. -GM
  7. Only reason I keep going back to check is because of other people on here that keep saying that their scores either are, or are not, visible on there. So... every day I guess. -GM
  8. Mine is currently up for the 3rd time, after appearing and disappearing twice in the last week. I guess I shouldn't have any confidence that it will stick around this time. I guess I should screenshot it just to track any potential weird changes in the calculation. Not that I have any reason to believe it should; it's just that this appearing and disappearing can make one wonder if they are still tweaking things that could somehow impact the calculations... -GM
  9. Yes; Lakehead is a 'black box' calculation like Ottawa (not that that one matters to you). As for Ryerson... obviously no one can answer that with any confidence as there has never been an admitted class yet. Playing the odds, based on the fact that it's located in the centre of the Universe, it is already likely harder to get into than Windsor, Ottawa, and Lakehead, even in its first year, and comparable to Western/Queen's. Will be interested to see how right or wrong I am! You can easily look up stats from last year's "Accepted" threads, in addition to the official class profiles the schools put out. If you do so, you will see that you obviously still have a shot for Western and Queen's. -GM
  10. Steelers94, you should register for Havre, MT. I did the November one there, and it was in a nice silent sunlit room with a total of 4 people writing.... and the proctor said that was the most they've ever had! It's also the closest US location for prairie residents, unless you're in Eastern MB in which case Duluth, MN could be closer. -GM
  11. I am resurrecting this thread to ask a related question, under the hope that it will be less annoying than starting a new thread. I only wrote the November test, and didn't have a previous score. All my schools already requested reports from LSAC as a matter of routine, I guess, but obviously didn't receive them since the November score was not yet released. My question is: Since the scores have already been requested, will LSAC automatically send them as soon as the score is available? Or will the schools have to request them again, 'manually', whenever they get around to it? Basically I'm wondering whether all the schools will quickly get my score when they are released on December 19th, or whether they will just gradually start asking LSAC for it again after Christmas break, which will obviously mean a lot more waiting... -GM
  12. Hah! Same I guess! I think I could be anywhere between about 157 and 161 depending on my luck. 3.93 B2 though so I'm hoping my marks will drag me across the line... -GM
  13. Last year it seemed like it wasn't a huge number in December, but that impression is necessarily compromised by the fact that, of course, not all applicants are on this board! I believe the first acceptances were December 21st, which was a Friday last year - so perhaps the 20th this year? My November LSAT becomes available on the 19th, apparently, so I hope they wait til they get that. The second round of acceptances seemed to go out In Mid-January. -GM
  14. Or you go to the US, like I did! Nothing in upstate New York or Ohio at the moment? -GM
  15. I probably should have applied for IC, being old and having some relevant work experience, but I had a bit of burn-out from writing personal statements and rounding up references, so I decided to just go Index. I may regret that when I get my November LSAT score, though! Hope it works out for you. Given the amount of documentation they require for IC, it certainly suggests that they take that application stream seriously. -GM
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