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  1. With Ottawa being a primarily cGPA school (as opposed to L2/B2), and allegedly prioritising grades over LSAT (I've seen numerous mentions of this but not sure how it was determined), you'll be in tough even with your 89/90th percentile LSAT unfortunately. You'd be in a much better position for Queen's or Western, or any of the prairie schools (all of which are either L2, B2, or drop your worst marks. -GM
  2. Just to keep this thread needlessly going with another angle, that most likely no one can answer: I wonder if the same criteria (I.e. primarily B2 and LSAT) are used to determine entrance scholarships? Reason I ask is that my B2 is a very great deal better than my cGPA (3.93 vs 3.73). If awards are determined using the same standards as Admissions, then I stand a better shot of getting one at Queen's (because of B2) than I do at, say, Ottawa, even though Ottawa is 'easier' to get into. Not that I've been accepted to either yet! -GM
  3. "Do they really..." questions are tricky. On the one hand, I would say there's no reason to doubt them when they say what they evaluate - and with your stats, just under the median for each value, you would have a good shot even without improving that LSAT. On the other hand, I share the deep suspicion of "but won't they also look at those bad years, quietly, secretly?" And it's hard to feel absolutely 100% sure that they won't, even though we've no real reason to doubt them! In my case, it's "Will they really not look at the F's in my grad school marks?" So far so good, though, except for that pesky U of A! Whatever happens, all the best next cycle. -GM P.S. If you're motivated, you still have almost two weeks to apply to U of S, which is also a B2 school and which doesn't require reference letters in the general category!
  4. Just a quick question: did any of you acceptees have a November LSAT that was reviewed? I am sitting on a B2 of 3.93 and 163 (and a moderate SK connection) - so I had expected to hear by now - so I'm wondering if it's because of being a November (only) LSAT writer. -GM
  5. I'm in no position (0L) to tell you that you can't do it, but obviously it will lower your odds a bit. The same is probably true for finding summer work in Ontario. More importantly, I think, you should probably think through the worst case scenario before enrolling at U of M. If you do end up failing to secure anything in the GTA, and you've just spent 3 years and untold dollars getting a law degree that you can't use, then obviously you will be in a bad spot. So if you absolutely cannot see yourself remaining in Winnipeg*, even for a little while after school, then perhaps it would be more prudent to strengthen your applications for Ontario schools for the next cycle instead. -GM * I absolutely adore Winnipeg, but the reality is that for some reason, most Ontarians can't see the appeal of YWG. So let's face it: just playing the odds, it is probably unlikely that you will be happy there.
  6. Is anyone else still waiting for both Queen's AND Manitoba? (The last two schools to extend offers?) -GM
  7. I am also late to the post, and it looks like OP is long gone, but for the sake of completeness: Yes, the maximum index score is 100, and with your score of 74.55 you should be comfortably in - but off the waitlist, probably in late spring. -GM
  8. I only have a November LSAT, and I have received acceptances from Lakehead and Western. Have not heard from Queen's (but no one has), or from Ottawa. Outside of ON I have now heard from Calgary and Victoria; Nothing from Saskatchewan or Manitoba (but U of M, like Queen's, haven't started yet.) I have also not heard from Alberta, but I'm not competitive under their formula so I wouldn't expect to hear from them until much later anyway. Hope that helps! -GM
  9. Cheers and we'll cross our fingers for a June 29th Queen's acceptance! -GM
  10. Like all the others posting today, no e-mail, nothing on OLSAS, but accepted in the student centre. cGPA 3.73 L2 3.84 LSAT 163 Less than 1% chance I will accept, but grateful to have been accepted! I was in the mature category, so let this be evidence that alternate category applicants with decent numbers can still be admitted on the earlier side of things. -GM
  11. The following is a quote from a post from July 9th in the previous cycle: Accepted off the waitlist today. Cgpa: 3.5 B2/L2: 3.73 157 So there was someone with just ever-so-slightly worse stats than you who was admitted very, very late in the process. I think it might even have been the last post in the accepted thread! So you may have a stressful wait in store, especially if you have an earlier offer somewhere else that you need to accept or lose. But at least you're in the ballpark, if Queen's is your top pick! Good luck, -GM
  12. Congrats! This had me hurrying to my application status, and disappointed to see it still saying 'completed'! -GM
  13. This is getting to be a bit of a head-scratcher. Good on Queen's for wanting to get it right, I guess... but I'm still going a bit crazy. -GM
  14. Mine was complete January 8th. -GM
  15. It seems pretty clear, though he doesn't say so, that he is applying to francophone civil law programs. Therefore, LSAT is irrelevant. I would ask in the civil law program sub-forum on this site! It is a smaller subgroup of posters in there, but they may be better able to answer! Bonne chance! -GM
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