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  1. @HouseOfPolycarbonate That definitely is a fair point. I definitely hope our relationship lasts, but it would be horrible if it didn't and I ended up moving. I do however feel that he is completely dedicated to things working out between us, but I can't ask him to put me before his education when he worked so hard to get where he is. Thanks for your reply
  2. listen, if your GPA is high enough (3.8 +) you can get in with something above 155 at most schools. just aim for that for now and don't put too much pressure on yourself. that can be debilitating and will prevent you from achieving your full potential. In terms of RC, the way I studied was by reading articles from the Economist. they're dense as hell but if you can get through them and understand what's happening you'll find your marks improve substantially on the RC section.
  3. = He definitely has always been there for me. He is my main companionship right now even when we are a part. He helped me move all the way out here when none of my family was willing to come help me/left me to do it all alone. I do think he is the one for so many reasons and it is something I know is worth keeping/fighting for. That being said I really appreciate your comment about how long distance for now will make our relationship that much stronger in the long term. I haven't really thought of it that way and have been only thinking about the short-term pain of being a part. He is saving up for a car and I do stay with a friend whenever I go to Calgary because I don't have family there. I feel uncomfortable with it though because I need to spend time with both of them and it's difficult to justify staying at her house to see my boyfriend. I feels like I'm using her and it really isn't something I enjoy doing/feeling. This is something I have truly been trying to actively work on. In the beginning of the semester I genuinely would go all day without talking to anyone in real life--my sole form of communication would be over my phone. I realized over time that people in my cohort have made friends because they all party together/ drink together and because I'm not someone that enjoys those things I've just slunk into the shadows so to speak. It's extremely difficult for me to make friends ordinarily, but the frat environment is not something I'm able to get on board with. That said I'm trying my best to enjoy the city/ partake in other activities outside of the law school. But it is still debilitatingly lonely at times. Thank you to everyone that has written in the forum--I really appreciate it.
  4. This is mainly because of the financial cost. neither of us have a car and the bus costs 84 dollars there and back. we just don't have the funds at this point in our lives as we're both students. The cookie jar idea is very cute--I'll definitely have to try it! Ya I understand that for sure. I don't really fit in at the law school at UofA but I overall don't feel like I'd fit in much better at UofC. Overall I would say I'm unhappy in Edmonton. Not because my boyfriend isn't with me, but because I don't fit in with my peers and don't have any sense of community. I just go to class, study at the library, and go home. I will go days without talking to anyone in person. All of my relationships/conversations take place through a phone--calling/videoing my family, friends, and boyfriend. I'm very committed to my boyfriend, so this isn't really something I've even remotely thought of.
  5. I love him too much and could never do that to him 😂
  6. Thanks to everyone for responding. I understand everyone's perspectives/opinions and appreciate all of them. He still lives at home and I can't stay with his family when I'm in Calgary because they are conservative. I don't have a place in Calgary either so the that's why the onus lands on him. I definitely appreciate this and respect it. I understand that I shouldn't tether myself so whole heartedly to someone--but we have long term plans to get married and I think that's why I'm thinking of taking such a serious step. This is a great way to put it. Thanks. Overall it seems that no one really thinks it's a good idea. Thank you to everyone that wrote again--it has given me some much needed insight.
  7. Hi guys, I really need some advice. My boyfriend currently lives in Calgary and I go to U of A--we've been dating for about a year and a half. I had thought that he was going to transfer to a university here in Edmonton next year to be with me, but now he's started to really enjoy university there and I don't think he wants to transfer here anymore. If he doesn't transfer, we'll end up being long distance for the next 3 years unless I transfer to U of C. Moving here has been really hard on me--I haven't really made any friends nor have I been enjoying the law school environment. The only thing that has really gotten me through it all was that I thought he would be coming next year permanently. He's also only able to visit about once a month. Does anyone have any experience with long distance relationships? If so, how do you make them work for so long? Would it be more worth it for me to just transfer?
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