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  1. Does anyone know what classes are going to look like? Will it be strictly online or will there be specific classes where we will be expected to be on campus? I emailed admissions and all they told me is that “more information will be available soon” but york housing said I have to decide whether or not I will keep residence by Sunday at noon. Super stressed over this- what is everyone else doing? 😬
  2. Hello! I'm going into 1L and am looking to stay in Passy. Do you reccomend a bachelor or one bedroom? A friend of said that the bachelor felt as though he was sleeping on the couch every night, but its about $200/month more expensive to get a bedroom apartment. What do you think? Is it worth the money?
  3. Accepted this morning via email!!! CGPA: 3.67 L2/B2: 3.9 LSAT 162 Definitely accepting!
  4. Still waiting- in queue since Jan 13th CGPA: 3.67 L2/B2: 3.9 LSAT 147 -> 162 (Jan) Starting to get stressed lol
  5. I received an offer from Western yesterday that will expire on April 1st. I am still waiting to hear back from Osgoode (my first choice), so I am wondering what my options are should Osgoode send me an acceptance after the April 1st deadline. If I accept Western but later get accepted to Osgoode, am I able to change? Or will Osgoode see I have accepted another school and remove me from their acceptance list? Thanks!
  6. Accepted this afternoon by email! CGPA: 3.67 (OLSAS) L2/B2: 3.9 LSAT: 147 --> 162 (January 2020) Strong PS (I think), multiple part-time jobs throughout my undergrad, and several volunteer placements around the university. so exciting!
  7. Hello! This might be a silly question, but should there be a cause for concern if your GPA shown on OLSAS is lower than what it says on your transcript? They have a disclaimer saying this on the bottom, but I'm worried that schools will only look at what is posted on OLSAS rather than looking at my physical transcript and calculating the GPA themselves. Anyone else in this position? Thanks in advance!
  8. Where do you see it was uploaded to OLSAS? Mine looks the same as it did before the test
  9. Hello all! On my Osgoode application, there is a section where you check off considerations that are relevant to your application. One of the options is "performance considerations," I feel as though this is relevant because my LSAT is below the competitive range and I am planning on retaking the LSAT in January. The application prompts you explain this consideration- the space feels like an addendum where I am asking to be accepted in spite of my LSAT, which is not what I am trying to accomplish. I just want to let the adcom know why my score on file is so low and that I plan for a significant increase. Should I fill this section out and check the 'performance consideration' box? Or should I just leave it blank? Thank you!
  10. How do you go about officially letting schools know to hold off on your application until a new LSAT score comes in? So far I have filled out my future test date as January 2020 and have made a note in my personal statement. Is this all I have to do or is there another step? Also, do you have to be registered for that future LSAT before you submit your application or can I do that at a later date? Thank you!!
  11. Anyone wanna read over my personal statement? I'm not sure if mine is in the right format or tone and I can't find too many examples online to compare it to. I can look over yours too?
  12. Hello! I just have a question about applying. When do we need our personal statements in by? Are they apart of the CAS report that's due like now-ish? Or do I upload that separately at a later date? Thank you!!
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