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  1. I wish you good luck!! Ottawa is also an amazing school.
  2. I wrote once before that! I scored a 159 and then a 161. My PT scores were much higher, but anxiety+stress really took over the day of. 😥 I was considering a year off to rewrite since my potential is much higher. However, since I’ve gotten accepted to a good law school, I feel as though it wouldn’t be the best decision.
  3. I hope you hear back soon! There hasn’t been any movement in the Queens Facebook group in a while so they’ll probably do a batch of acceptances soon. Wishing luck for all of us! @ChiasticWalrus @SamSam1995 Have any of you started looking into housing? I really wanted a 1 bedroom but it seems Kingston is rather pricey and there are not a lot of units available at this time of year. I’m a bit hesitant on signing any leases on units I like but I also know signing one after July 2nd is really risky...
  4. I’m definitely very thankful and grateful for the acceptances I received this year. ☺️ I hope you hear good news soon! It seems that this year has been a lot slower than the last. I see that you scored a 164 on the January’s LSAT which may be the reason for the delay, I wrote my LSAT last year! Wow, congrats! Maybe we’ll both get off the waitlist before July ☺️ If not, I’m sure Queen’s will be really amazing and we’ll both enjoy it a lot.
  5. I noticed that too! I believe there are a few upper year students in the group, alongside those who have been accepted for a deferral, so there may be a few seats left. But that is wishful thinking lol. But thank you! :)
  6. Yes! I was accepted first round at Queens, Western and Windsor. Ultimately, I provisionally accepted at Queens!
  7. Hi, I was put on waitlist during April 30th and was wondering what others thought of my chances of getting accepted before the July deadline! My stats are: Cgpa: 3.66 L2/B2: 3.82 LSAT: 161 Filled out Part B I understand no one would be able to tell me for certain. Osgoode has been my number one choice so it’s been a nerve wracking wait. Any opinions/thoughts welcome! Thank you.
  8. Hi, I was just wondering if my reference would need to write one general reference letter that is applicable to every school or a targeted reference letter to each school. On the OUAC website it says that only one version is allowed so I am pretty confused. Thanks in advance for the help!
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