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  1. Followed this forum for years, this is my first time posting in any capacity. I was admitted to Osgoode in the previous admission cycle, and deferred my acceptance to September 2020. I really look forward to attending Osgoode. My partner is now experiencing a family issue, and depending on the resolution and timing of it, it may be appropriate for us to move out west to be with her family. In order to do that, and attend the law school in her city, I would need to re-write the LSAT (I was PT’ing about 5 points higher than what I scored, and only need 1 or 2 more points for admission into this school – shouldn’t be a problem) My intention and Plan A is still to attend Osgoode. However, I believe I need to do some risk mitigation here. If I were to re-write the LSAT in November, and apply to a Western Canadian law school as a backup in case I needed to be out West to be with her and her family, is there anyway Osgoode could find out and somehow void my deferral? The deferral policy, which I was provided when I requested it, states: “Osgoode will be notified of any applications made to other Ontario law schools during the year a student is on deferral.” Firstly, it says nothing about the LSAT. Secondly, the school is outside Ontario. Thirdly, it doesn’t seem to say anywhere you cannot apply to other schools, it just states they will be notified if inside Ontario. Hoping someone can offer some wisdom on this. I am not trying to game the system here, just trying to mitigate risk in case of the worst case scenario. Thanks in advance.
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