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  1. I realize it's not the ideal path but I don't think it's necessarily 'a dumb idea', but thank you for your input, I will look into it further.
  2. What if I did articling and the bar immediately after and then took a couple years off from the profession. Would that make finding a job a bit easier?
  3. Yeah, this is what I was afraid of. I've been travelling and working abroad for the past year but my S.O . is going back to school in Canada for 2 years so I wanted to do law school at the same time and then continue travelling afterwards. Unfortunately law really doesn't seem like a career you can travel with so I thought I might do the schooling and then come back and article/ write the bar afterwards when I'm ready to stay in Canada. But I'm worried that's not going to be possible or that its going to make it incredibly difficult for me to find a job in my late 20's. Ugh. Thanks for all the responses!
  4. I want to do law school in 2020 but I don't want to start working in the field immediately after I graduate, I want to travel and work for a few years before working as an actual lawyer. Does anyone know anything about this or have any advice? Is it practical not to do articling right away or can I do articling in another country for example? Is there a limit to how long you have to take the bar? Basically I want to be a lawyer but not in my early 20's
  5. Thank! I'm using the aid estimator but for out of province schools so it doesn't seem to have listed programs
  6. I'm trying to get an OSAP estimate but I don't know whether law schools qualifies as : a bachelors, a degree, a diploma, graduate degree, a certificate, or "other". Because bachelor gives me a very different estimate than the others. Anyone have experience with this??
  7. Are you guys still using the index calculator that is thumb-nailed at the top of the UBC page here?
  8. Is the index calculation thumb-nailed at the top of the UBC thread still the index calculator everyone uses?
  9. I got that email as well a week or so ago. But maybe its an auto admit, I didn't know that was a thing, thanks! I was getting worried references were just for show
  10. Accepted! LSAT 165 GPA 85 without drops I think or 84
  11. I got accepted to Dal this week but one of my professors just emailed me today saying that he was sending in my reference.... so do they not look at references??
  12. Just got accepted! GPA: 85% without drops, LSAT: 165. Has anyone heard about scholarships yet?
  13. Does anyone have any advice on how to contact lawyers and find out what their experience has been with their field and what a day in their life looks like? I'm nervous I don't know enough about what the job of a lawyer actually invovles
  14. Perfect, thanks! Do they have to put anything in the heading? How do they know its not for your regular application?
  15. Hello! Does anyone know if we submit our reference for the scholarship ourselves or if we get the reference to email it directly to Dalhousie?
  16. Do you know if dal automatically sends the reference form to your references or if you need to do it?
  17. On the status of my Dal application it says that I have not submitted my personal statement, but isn't that part of the application? I'm pretty sure I remember there being a box on the application where I had to copy and paste a personal statement...
  18. Sorry to be annoying but how does the credit system work at UVic? if i took 5 full-year courses every year for a 4 year undergrad degree how many would I get to drop for the cGPA calculation? Was looking online but I couldn't figure out the conversion.
  19. I really want to go to Dalhousie but it's more expensive than the other schools I'm applying. I was wondering if anyone has an idea of what my chances would be of getting a $5000+ scholarship. My GPA is in the mid 80's and my LSAT score was 165.
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