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  1. Accepted off the waitlist today! I will be accepting I think GPA was around 83.5 with drops LSAT 165
  2. Thats how i feel. Online isn't ideal but having to move across the country for two hours a week of in-person classes would be worse for me. I hope they have an in person option for local students and a fully online option for students who would rather save the rent money and live at home for a semester.
  3. I feel the same, i'd rather not have to move to Victoria if I only have one or two classes. Maybe the law school will email soon an provide insight into how this will impact 1L courses
  4. Thanks so much for all the responses, this made me feel much better !
  5. There is a non-law related job that I would really like to do that I was supposed to do this summer but because of COVID it will not be possible until next summer. Does anyone know how common it is to have a non-law related job for 1L summer? At this point I'm happy as long as I can make enough to offset my tuition but I don't want to take this job and then ruin my chances of getting a job later on. If anyone has insight into this it would be greatly appreciated
  6. I called a couple days ago and they told me that they'd reviewed my application and "everything looked good" followed by pretty much the exact thing that you got in the email. I think it just depends on the person you get, the guy was very nice but wouldn't give me an indication of my relative position.
  7. Thanks so much! I live in Madrid and we're in total lockdown or I would have just use a friend's phone, but I didn't even realize I could use Skype for that, that's a great idea thank you! I will for sure try it, hopefully it doesn't take too many tries to get through.
  8. Do you know if you can have a parent call? I live out of country right now
  9. I realize it's not the ideal path but I don't think it's necessarily 'a dumb idea', but thank you for your input, I will look into it further.
  10. What if I did articling and the bar immediately after and then took a couple years off from the profession. Would that make finding a job a bit easier?
  11. Yeah, this is what I was afraid of. I've been travelling and working abroad for the past year but my S.O . is going back to school in Canada for 2 years so I wanted to do law school at the same time and then continue travelling afterwards. Unfortunately law really doesn't seem like a career you can travel with so I thought I might do the schooling and then come back and article/ write the bar afterwards when I'm ready to stay in Canada. But I'm worried that's not going to be possible or that its going to make it incredibly difficult for me to find a job in my late 20's. Ugh. Thanks for all the responses!
  12. I want to do law school in 2020 but I don't want to start working in the field immediately after I graduate, I want to travel and work for a few years before working as an actual lawyer. Does anyone know anything about this or have any advice? Is it practical not to do articling right away or can I do articling in another country for example? Is there a limit to how long you have to take the bar? Basically I want to be a lawyer but not in my early 20's
  13. Thank! I'm using the aid estimator but for out of province schools so it doesn't seem to have listed programs
  14. I'm trying to get an OSAP estimate but I don't know whether law schools qualifies as : a bachelors, a degree, a diploma, graduate degree, a certificate, or "other". Because bachelor gives me a very different estimate than the others. Anyone have experience with this??
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