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  1. I don't understand how applying in the middle of your 5th year is relevant to your confusion. Simply ask yourself the following question: Do I have a grade for X course on November 1, 2019? If yes, count it. If no, don't. More likely than not, your last 4 years (including any summer courses) will count and Calgary will pick out your best 2 years. Your completed 6 and 9 credits will be calculated in proportion to their course weight. Do you have some kind odd setup where you have a 6 or 9-credit course that began in the summer and finishes in December? If not, you shouldn't worry.
  2. Thinking of grabbing them. Paired with a suit at a somewhat stuffy national firm.
  3. Let's examine the extreme here. The most frustrated individual in this recruit would be someone who... did OCI's. Successfully landed a handful of in-firms. Did the in-firms with multiple firms. Got the dinners. Got the callbacks. No offer. Perks: Predictability- you always know what the next step is. Cons: Some politics. E.g. didn't know where they ranked in the firm's list and chose the wrong cocktails and dinners *gasp* But come on. It's not that bad of a process. We could argue about the aRDuos nature of applying to 40+ places, yadda yadda, but you know what you're getting into. At the end of the day, it's a way to attract some unique, (essentially) unskilled talent into the profession. But when it comes down to it, you're not crying about the apps. You're not crying about your 17 min OCI's you didn't receive. Or even the in-firms you didn't receive. You're shedding that tear for the firm who welcomed you into their client floor and took a brief interest in you for 30-90 min. And when they welcomed you to an exclusive, beauuuutiful dinner, you went to Davies instead because they gave you a f*cking colouring book. And to this day, your one single regret is not realizing that you were too naive to ask the right questions and gauge each firm's interest. So you choose to blame the sYsTEM. --- But hey, to everyone out there. It's really tough. So proud of you for taking this huge jump to build up your legal career. This process brings up so many emotions amongst all of us. Just know that you have value and the OCI's are not a reflection of your talent. No recruit is. If you are a law student reading this, you are already one of the most exceptional minds in this country. The world sees values in the skills you will learn over the next few years. Don't lose hope. If anything, you are already in very high esteem amongst a handful of firms and will likely be a familar face if you ever choose to apply again for articling/ jr assoc roles.
  4. Hey all, what are the summer work hours at different Calgary firms? I heard a few let out by 4:30- truly curious to find out which ones allow it.
  5. TRU is a bit of a mixed bag since most of the class is a bit older and come with all sorts of prior experiences. The GPA is decent; slightly above average. A December acceptance is unlikely at most law schools- you may just have to write that LSAT 😕
  6. Lawyers, if you had no loans... what would you do with a Bay St salary? Always been curious what people would buy (or save up for) first.
  7. 1250/week + some gym subsidies, maybe an iPhone/ phone subsidy. (plus some free beers in the Bullpen- if you know, you know)
  8. Likely in, but borderline. Depends on how convincing your PS is. Likely a yes everywhere else.
  9. How does one handle a physically touchy, somewhat drunk Partner/ Senior Associate at a recruitment dinner? Lawyers- feel free to chime in if you'd had similar client experiences.
  10. UBC: borderline UofA, USask, UMan, UCalgary: guaranteed in, even without EC's (or even a personality!) Queens/ Western/ Ott: Maybe Dal: Likely Osgoode/ UofT: unlikely or tough call. McGill: Mixed bag. Largely dependent on your Quebec nationalist fervour and likely a coin toss. The slug bucket (Lakey, Ryerzz, Windsorry, ThomsyRibbers, NewBrunny): Guess my answer -- Decent chance at really anything but the top 3 or 4 ranked schools. Rewrite if pedigree matters to you.
  11. Anyone hear back on In-Firms? Either through Eastern OCI or the Western school "direct to in-firm" recruit?
  12. Some schools are B2, not L2. Your B2 is likely higher than your B3. Find those schools, call them up, and figure out what kind of stats you need.
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