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  1. No. Prior to switching to Psychology, I felt very uncomfortable with talking to others (including therapists) about it and I'm doing much better now so I don't know if I can retroactively seek documentation nor do I know if I should.
  2. I plan on applying to all schools in Ontario. I tried using the predictor but I'm not sure how helpful it is for splitters. I don't have many EC's unfortunately (though I do have a few). I was in STEM (Biomedical Science) and switched programs in the middle of my 3rd year (into Psychology). While I was going through a lot (mental health wise) whilst in my old program, I never spoke to a professional and thus have no documentation and don't know if I should mention it at all in my supplementary statement. Also, I don't know if it counts for anything but my major average, after switching is 3.76 (my old program really is dragging my grades through the mud). My circumstances make it really difficult for me to tell how well I'll do anywhere (apart from schools that primarily use holistic GPAs.
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