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  1. I come from a family dynamic that is very traditional in that family sticks together no matter what. The main thing that has held me back other than money (obviously) is that my parent is sick and I don’t know how many years I will have left with them. And my other parent and I are very very close, I feel bad leaving them alone. I know they need support and that upon becoming a lawyer, I will have to help financially. I know I will be blamed for not caring for my family if I leave right now. But for the sake of my own mental health, I will give your guys’ advice some serious consideration, because it is truly hard to live here. You guys have helped open my eyes to that possibility, and I can start thinking of ways to make moving out work for my situation. Thank you for providing some very good and helpful points, I’m grateful for all of you on this forum. God bless you all
  2. Hopping back on the forum for some advice yet again.. so here’s my dilemma. I have about 30k in govt student loans from my undergrad, and anticipate having about 50k more for law school (all expenses other than rent). I live rent free with my parents. So I’d already be at about 80k in debt by the time I finish law school. I’m planning to work during summers to at least have money for food and parking type expenses. The problem is, I’m considering moving out. I’m aware this sounds completely stupid considering I don’t currently pay rent, but I live with a toxic and emotionally abusive parent. If I move out, I’d be taking on another 50k in debt for living expenses for 3 years, and I don’t know what my living situation is going to look like after graduating, if I’ll have an articling position secured, and if I’ll even be able to afford rent at that time. I believe that somehow I can probably manage to stay at home, but it’s a toxic environment and I’m worried about doing well in school because I’m just so angry and anxious all the time. I also will not be working during the school year in fear of my grades suffering. What should I do? Should I tough it out and graduate with less than 100k debt, or risk it and move out? I don’t even know if I’ll be successful enough to be able to pay it off and one day buy a place of my own, as I’m probably not pursuing biglaw. I know I’m sure about law school, as this was always my Plan A and I have no other alternatives. But it’s expensive, and by living alone, I’m worried it’s too expensive and I might regret moving out later. $130k is a lot of money, and I’m thinking it’s not normal to have that much debt.
  3. Idk about law specifically, but in a lot of faculties, it depends on the prof. I’ve been in many classes across faculties during my undergrad where I knew people in the same course but different sections, and we were all using different textbooks. Profs also change it up year to year
  4. I think it’s been created now. I’m not a Manitoba resident and my decision status says “Refused” due to not making it to the alternate list. Good luck you guys!
  5. I had a cgpa of 3.0/4.0, L2 3.3/4.0 and LSATs of 158 and 160. (I don’t know if I’m a splitter?) I got into Ualberta and Ucalgary, waitlisted at a couple others. I did overcome adversity that affected my grades in an already challenging undergrad program. I’m certain both my acceptances were holistic. There is hope! Do your research on different schools and their admission stats, and make sure your personal statements are well written Good luck
  6. Does this mean starting in July up until the school year starts, or just in the month of July?
  7. I don’t normally take the bus so I never knew this hahaha. Looks like the bus route is the way to go!
  8. I’m mortified of rush hour traffic, especially in the winter. If I end up not driving to school I hope the bus lines run on off peak times 😭
  9. I’d be living close to St. Albert so your response was very helpful, thank you!
  10. I usually spend most of my time studying on campus^ that’s why I ask
  11. How late at night do these buses run? From my understanding it’s not ETS right
  12. Ahhh I feel a lot better about the time aspect after this. And I will definitely look in to getting winter tires! Thank you so much!
  13. Thanks so much for replying! It sounds like you were coming from around St. Albert which is close to where I’d be living. Hearing your advice makes me feel a little better about the move. If I stay with my parents, the only thing I’d be paying for is parking (car is theirs, and they pay gas and insurance), but if I live on my own I’d probably walk or bus/lrt to school. Either way, I think it’s cheaper to stay with my parents 😂 What was your experience regarding social life with your friends in the city? Did you miss out more with having to leave earlier to get home, or even not going just because you didn’t want to drive or be out for so long? Almost all of my friends and my s/o live in south Edmonton so I’m kind of anxious about being so far away too. And how scary exactly is highway winter driving? I’m terrified of winter driving as is 😭
  14. Hey all, I just needed some advice here. I’m planning to live with my parents during law school, and although they’ve lived in Edmonton my whole life, they are planning to move to a small town about 25 minutes out of the city in the coming months. I’d like to hear from people who are from towns around Edmonton such as Leduc, St. Albert, Beaumont, or any place that’s about a half hour or more drive out of the city. What are your experiences in terms of time management, driving, how tired you are from all the driving, and what kind of impact all that may have had on your grades and such. Should I be making arrangements to live in the city instead? I’d be living rent free if I stick around with my parents though. i hope there’s someone here who can comment on this! edit: it would take me a minimum of 45 minutes to drive to school Under normal conditions
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