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  1. Thank you for the equivalencies! I knew about the drops, my gpa is 3.5/4.5 with drops
  2. I actually just went through my grades, turns out its a 3.5/4.5. 72.222 index. based off that, NEVERMIND ha ha
  3. hey thanks so much for the formula! is it the same for every school or is this one specific to umanitoba? And that makes me feel better, considering I expected to do much better on the lsat
  4. GPA 3.3/4.0 (L2) LSAT 160 No new brunswick connection, I'm from alberta
  5. stupid question but HOW do I do that
  6. 3.3/4.0. I'm pretty sure its a 3.7 on a 4.5 scale
  7. GPA 3.3 (L2) LSAT 160 No manitoba connection
  8. GPA 3.3 (L2) LSAT 160 No Sask connection
  9. I'm just wondering which schools I'd have a better chance at. I did my undergrad at the U of A and my L2, B2, B3 are all 3.3/4.0. CGPA is 3.0/4.0. It was a harder degree, do you think law schools would take that into consideration? Anyway, I'm aiming for a 163-165 on the LSAT. What law schools would I have a better chance at getting into? Also does anyone know if TRU is L2 or L3??
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