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  1. my score has finally been received (I checked a couple of days ago), however no decision yet.
  2. I graduated April 2019, and worked for a year (I’m still working because I didn’t lose my job, didn’t lose hours, in fact I’m getting paid more to work during covid) however, I’m working part time. I’m starting law school in the fall. Would I qualify for this?
  3. ahhh I’m so indecisive! thank you for the info though
  4. Okay, I will definitely take that into consideration! Thanks for the reply. What do you think about using an iPad as an external monitor? Would the screen be big enough? I do a lot of my work at school usually, so getting an external monitor for home isn’t exactly the most ideal for me (plus, an iPad would have some storage space!)
  5. OOooooh I totally forgot about the beats! I will definitely wait for that then 😂 Thanks for the reply, I will definitely be getting the MacBook Air
  6. I’m looking to buy the new MacBook Air as I used the 2015 model all through my undergrad and it worked out really well for me, but as I’m researching what specs would be best, I’m confused as to how much memory on the hard drive I’d need, as well as RAM. The base model comes with 256gb SSD storage and 8gb RAM. In anyone’s experience, would I need more than that to get me through law school? I’ve seen articles online that suggest I might need more but I’m skeptical. Thanks!
  7. I’d say about $1700. Around $700 on LSAT prep, $600 on LSAT registration, and $400 for school applications!
  8. the u of a has applied for a tuition increase of 7% to the government, and it is a firm decision. (This is according to the dean’s welcome video)
  9. Only they know at this point 🤷🏻‍♀️ Hopefully the universities and Federation of Law Societies of Canada come to their decisions soon so we don’t have to be so anxious haha. Thanks for the info on that!
  10. I have also heard about a situation where it could be mixed with most things online, and some things in person (probably just things that are essential). This is just at the U of A though, there was like a tweet with a linked article or something that I read through. They haven't officially said that on their website though so who knows. Praying for the best.
  11. I wrote the Nov 2019 (158) and Jan 2020 (160) LSATs, and studied for them both while working full time. My diagnostic score was 146. I didn't take any courses and instead just did a self study starting June 2019. I recommend using Powerscore (bibles and workbooks) for learning what you needed to know for each of the sections, and although the workbooks didn't do much for me, the bibles are AMAZING, especially for logic games. I'm pretty sure I hit 100% on the LG sections of both my LSATs. I also bought LSAC's prep tests 51-88 or something, which are crucial to practice with Most useful of all was Khan Academy for me, believe it or not (and it's a great way to boost your practice scores for free when you need more practice and have already spent so much on prepping). I feel that khan academy allowed me to take a bit of a different approach when my own approach wasn't doing enough for me anymore. Highly recommend it.
  12. OH i'm sorry I didn't even see that in there. AWKWARD!!
  13. Actually, many of the people in the Facebook group are in upper years and are probably just in it to help 1L’s and just keep up with what’s going on I guess
  14. It’s not confirmed but I feel like on their website they purposely word the announcement in such a confusing way that it doesn’t really clarify anything for anyone applying for admission. But (I’ve heard this from friends and family who go to the u of a) I believe they keep saying they’ll only look at the last two years if that’s what they normally would do in any given year for admission into a program. So they wouldn’t look a semester further back. Again, not confirmed, this is just what I think.
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