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  1. This may be a dumb question, but in another thread about BC going no-fault many were saying to get out of PI work. Is Ontario already no-fault?
  2. If so, how long have you been waiting, and what are your stats like?
  3. At this point, I think it only makes sense to hear back after July 1 no? If you hear back today it'd give you less than a week to make a decision. I feel like most schools at this point will just wait for the deadline because then they'd have a clear and exact number of class spots and can issue more offers if necessary then. Making offers this week just doesn't really make sense..
  4. I don't get why they don't just send out rejections already? I know this forum isn't everything but it seems odd to not have a single reported rejection and we're in June??
  5. Still waiting, same B2 as you though you have a WAY better LSAT.
  6. This week makes 11 weeks referred, anyone else been waiting this long for a response?
  7. I 100% agree but when we think of Queen's Law their problems are deep and structural. And while I wouldn't go as far as to say they have NO plans at all, I bet they don't have clear plans and progress (against plans they've made in the past). By that I mean, it's not like 2020 is the day we all woke up to the fact that Queen's Law (using this just as an example) or the broader profession is very white. So in theory, Queen's Law should be able to include in a statement, what actions they've taken in the past, how those have progressed, what gaps exist etc, instead of "we are listening and learning". But I also don't see them address the building name head on or being able to change some of their issues they had for so long so quickly so would it be better they just say nothing? (Actually curious)
  8. I read somewhere once that you could in theory not even be reviewed because the class could be near full and they rank by cGPA and Avg LSAT though they decide by B2 and Highest LSAT so they could not even get your file i.e. auto reject for anyone they don't think they'll get to. Unsure if that's true, or even standard but yeah.
  9. Fellow Access applicants, any update??
  10. Ya that's the strangest part there hasn't been a single reported Rejection on this forum and we're into June and all these people are still waiting...I think a mass wave of rejection is coming.
  11. Anyone whose been waitlisted, have you either gotten an update or removed yourself?
  12. Makes sense, thanks for the insights. I likely wouldn't have realized this is a potential "risk" in applying to established/leading mid size firms. Good to know
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