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  1. Hello, I just re-enrolled at my university to complete my undergraduate degree (honours). I started university in 2013, but due to external circumstances, I was only able to take 1 course in my 2nd year, and my 3rd year I changed my major. I graduated with my regular bachelor degree in 2018 (no honours), but I am thinking of going back now to finish my honours degree and hopefully apply to some law schools in Ontario or Canada. I completed my LSAT early 2019 and received a 161, but I wanted to finish my honours degree before before applying anywhere, as I read some schools would prefer that. My CGPA is 3.3, but my last 2 years worth of credits is 3.6, but I hope to slightly increase that as well when I finish my last year. Despite this, I'm a little worried about going back because I understand typically an honours degree takes 4 years, and I have a few semesters on my transcript that will have holes in it, but do you think that will play a major role in hindering my chances of getting into law school? I have some EC's and volunteer experience as well, but I'm just worried that because I took so long to decide what I really wanted to do that it will set me back on the admissions process. Thanks!
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