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  1. I declined my spot just under 2 weeks ago, so something could open up.
  2. A Manitoba only waitlist will be created in July; from what I've heard this will most likely be next week. At that point UofM is giving priority to Manitoba residents as they typically stay in province.
  3. Got the email a week or two ago. cGPA: 3.6 LSAT: 155
  4. Both programs are being run online as of now for the fall term, with a 'possibility of face-face learning'.
  5. Seems like last year people who were in the 70s-80s were getting in around the end of June. People from Manitoba may be opting to stay in province at a higher rate this year due to Covid, thus accepting offers that they otherwise would have declined.
  6. Obviously the Dual JD program gets a pretty bad rep due to the extremely high cost as the debt really isn't justifiable. I was wondering if cost wasn't a factor, are there actually any pros of attending the program and receiving an American degree from a lower ranked school in conjunction with Windsor? Or would it still be viewed as a 'last chance'. For current/ former students were there any experiences, or opportunities you gained that couldn't have been done elsewhere ? Students that declined have the Dual JD, would you have thought more about attending if it wasn't for the looming debt you were going to incur?
  7. A 13 inch is great for portability. If you want a bigger screen just invest in an external monitor- it makes a world of difference.
  8. From what I've heard a laptop is almost always more efficient for writing long papers, having multiple tabs open, etc. Essentially what would take you 5 seconds on a laptop will take 10 on an iPad. However, there is a case if you want to handwrite notes with an apple pencil. (if anyone has experience with this feel free to chime in). If you are just using an iPad for that, save money and get the baseline iPad or Air and just use it for notes/marking up pdf, and entertainment to supplement your laptop.
  9. I tried this morning and was sent to voicemail. I sent an email to her a few weeks ago and no response. When I emailed in early Jan received a response within minutes.
  10. Feel free to make offers, can let go for cheap. Located in Manitoba but willing to ship, as long as buyer covers shipping. FIRST: ALL BASICALLY NEW: PTs: 72,75,77 The official Lsat handbook 10 actual prep tests, the next 10, 10 more SECOND: Slightly marked with certain questions done but salvageable: MIKE KIM LSAT TRAINER Official LSAT SUPERPREP 1 and 2 Princeton LSAT fundamentals 1 and 2 THIRD: Completely used but can be used as reference material or to look up certain questions. Basically can give these away for free if you buy something else: Power score 2017 LR Princeton Diagnostic exams PTs 78, 80,82 10 actual VI 72-81 10 actual V 62-71 10 actual 52-61 with comparative reading
  11. I'll second Ellen Cassidy's loophole if you're struggling with LR. But a tutor probably is the way to go.
  12. How have you enjoyed your overall experience at TRU? This may be subjective, but (other than what is advertised) does it offer unique things that other schools do not/ things you wish it offered? Do you think it would be more beneficial to have a car in Kamloops or is getting around via public transport fine?
  13. Wow just got the email :-) OLSAS: 3.6 LSAT: 155
  14. not 100% sure as my school is on 4.5 scale... but my B2 are all either As or A+s if that helps
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