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  1. My "current status date" is still November 18, 2019 with the "awaiting evaluation" message - you're in good company with the unchanged date/status, hopefully it changes for all of us very soon
  2. @Lilyp Do you know what your GPA is after it's converted to a UBC percentage? Thanks!
  3. @GrumpyMountie Sorry lol, a very long work day - and thank you!
  4. Got an email yesterday at around 3:00PM PST 166 LSAT, 3.5 cumulative (dual degree), 3.8 L2 (unconfirmed) Strong references, essay, EC's Submitted my application at the end of September and references were submitted by the end of October. Good luck to everyone!
  5. Got the call about an hour ago! 166 LSAT, 3.5 GPA dual degree before drops, 3.7 after drops, strong PS and submitted around mid September. Thrilled I can stay in my home province now congrats to everyone and good luck to the rest!
  6. @ilovemydog They asked you to write a short essay like other schools, but they didn't require you to label the questions (and there wasn't a word limit for each answer iirc). Someone correct me if I'm wrong though!
  7. Received an email yesterday morning: 166 LSAT, 3.8 L2, 3.5 cumulative (dual degree). A lot of EC's and work experience, currently working full time, and strong references. Applied September 22 and both references were submitted by October 31st. Good luck to everyone!
  8. @bealexa The whole weighting of grades by UBC is a bit bizarre to me. As someone with over 150 credits from a dual degree (many of which were high-level courses where over 20% of the class failed, so a B+ was a miracle), the low credit drop count skews my average completely. Something closer to what UVic does, or UoT even, would be preferable. I think they're including the PS in the index calculation because GPA calculations like UBC's don't tell the full story of a student's academic career - they likely eliminated strong candidates in the past too... as Tagger said, it is what it is, but let's hope the new index helps with that this year
  9. @qwopwo That's odd considering the new admission process this year (GPA/LSAT/PS weight equally) - do you know what the index would have translated to? That might be the new auto-admit number
  10. @qwopwo Did you already submit your application? This likely means they processed your application already unless you sent them your transcript or something (which I doubt they would do anything with, otherwise they would be inundated with emails asking them to crunch GPAs).
  11. Looks like we're in for a wild ride this admissions cycle... I think it's a good idea to consider personal statements but the fact that they are EQUAL to GPA/LSAT is a bit bizarre - maybe it'll only be the case for those on the cusp of being accepted/rejected
  12. Applying discretionary really doesn't (or shouldn't...) give you any disadvantage and gives you more than one avenue to admission if you have a competitive application. In terms of the waitlist situation you should maybe call them to confirm if they move people between waitlists (I thought they just kept you on the discretionary waitlist if your application isn't competitive enough to move to the regular category, and if you were moved to regular category it's usually only if you're a shoe-in for admission). If you call and get any info counter to this though, please post it back here as I would be curious to see what they say!
  13. @BestCaseOntario Isn't there a plain old "caucasian" category - i submitted mine a while ago and don't remember what the choices were, but I'm pretty sure that's where you'd fit lol
  14. If you're cutting it close with your index and you think you could score even one point higher on a re-write, you should write the LSAT again. I think they'll only confirm GPA on applications that have been processed (but someone correct me on this if I'm wrong). Today's the deadline for the November registration so get moving if that's when you want to write!!
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