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  1. Hi everyone, I am not accepted to a Canadian Law School but have applied to 8, hoping for at least one acceptance! I feel I need to get the ball rolling on financial stuff. I will of been working for approximately 7 months before so hoping to save up a bit, I have no debt from my undergrad, and get a small bursary (usually $1500) from Masonic Lodge. But I need to know what else is out there? are there any good bursaries/scholarships anyone knows of? Specifically, interested in what the law schools in BC and AB offer! And what is better LOC or Gov student loan?
  2. Hi everyone, I applied to UBC but am not feeling hopeful, hoping someone can give me some insight or if anyone has similar stats/stories please share! current highest lsat is a 156 with an 89% gpa. I self calculated my index at 91.41. Re-writing Jan 13th in hopes of improving. Do I have a shot at the waitlist at least?
  3. Hi everyone, Just in process of submitting my application, I can't seem to see where to upload my unofficial transcript or them saying where I should send an official copy? Is this not on the application? When and where can I submit it? Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, I currently have a LSAT of 156 and a gpa of 4.10-4.33 depending on the scale. I have two great academic references from professors. 3 good EC's from habitat for humanity, my hometown's police department and a substance use/cognition research lab I volunteered in during my undergrad at UBC. I am stumped as to just apply with what I have now because I know TRU does rolling admissions or wait to submit and write again in January? HELP!!!
  5. Hi everyone, Today I have been opening up/ getting ready to open applications in 6 Canadian Law Schools, UVIC being one of them. I don't know why I expected there to be a place where they would ask for a resume/CV from me. But so far I haven't really seen such places on the applications I have opened. Is this normal? If so, do schools typically just want me to include all extra curricular/ achievements in my personal statement? Don't know anyone else applying for Law school so any input is appreciated. If needed for reference I am applying to UVIC, UBC, U of A, U of C, TRU, U of Sask.
  6. yes they do percentage and have a scale up to 4.33. My percentage from last 2 years was 89.1%
  7. Hi guys, I have a 155 LSAT (writing again in September and October) and a gpa of 4.10/4.33. I have strong references, hopefully a strong PS. I graduated from UBC, with average EC (volunteered in a substance use and cognition research lab at UBC, and habitat for humanity organization. Thanks!
  8. I have a 4.10 GPA and a 155 LSAT with strong references and hopefully a good PS. What are my chances of admission?
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