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  1. I have a question about leases close to the school. Do I have any hope in finding an 8 month school year lease? Or is this hard to come by, do most around the school request a 1 year? Would love to hear someone's experience with this as I must not be the only one not wanting to go back home for the summer. Would also love to know more about the best buildings and or neighbourhoods near the school!
  2. Hi everyone! I am a 1L and I am going to start applying for some articling positions in my city. Even if an articling position in 2021 is not in my cards I would like to get my name out to some firms for the 2022 articling calls. I am looking for any suggestions on how to structure my resume and cover letter, what to specifically include, what to not, photos on resumes?! etc ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!!! Thankyou!
  3. Hey! Are there sections in 2L like in 1L? or will we be all mixed taking classes like our undergraduate degrees?
  4. okay yes! Their email was in my junk mail on May 26th stating I had until the 31st! Good thing I had already accepted elsewhere and didn't care! omg. Lol
  5. Waitlisted a few weeks ago. LSAT 157, GPA 4.0, BC resident, was going to be declining since I have accepted close to home but before I even got chance to decline an email I got this morning said I had a status change so I logged into UNB online and under status change it says "at your request, for application has been cancelled, we do hope you will continue to consider unb in your future plans". I am wondering if this is actually their default message or not? Because I did not request for my application to be cancelled! If it is they have that worded very poorly.
  6. me aswell you two! I will be saving money and staying home in the lower mainland. Hoping there will be a bunch of us that can meet up maybe a couple times a month and what not!
  7. Hey! I am looking for some tips on what to buy for law school. I understand I will have to wait to buy some stuff but Id like to get an idea on what people found helpful in there first year or what they wish they had done or used differently? I will be going to law school in BC. ex. are pens and notebooks even a thing or is it laptop dominated? In terms of business professional clothes what was the norm/ any good places to buy some? TELL ME ALLLLL
  8. Accepted this morning! LSAT 157 GPA 86% overall from UBC. Not sure how they converted that or what they dropped. Declining for a spot closer to home! Hope this opens up a seat for someone else!
  9. Yeah no I totally get this!! Thanks for the advice! Out of curiosity do they send out timetables before September or once we get there?
  10. Hey! Does anyone know if TRU has a list of first year textbooks posted anywhere or know of any textbooks I can buy while in quarantine? I am not working and am so bored it would be nice if I could do some reading or check out some of the books before school!
  11. I emailed Leanne back and said I was accepting and will pay later. She said great and changed my admission status to applicant acceptance!
  12. waitlisted today, 87% without drops, and a 157 LSAT
  13. declined for a school closer to home! Goodluck everyone!
  14. Hi everyone, I have been accepted to TRU. I hear great things about the school and its close to my home town so probably my top choice at the moment. Tuition is crazy high but could be worth it for me sticking closer to home and cheaper cost of living than in Van. I sometimes hear people talk about the reputation since its not "as established" being one of the newer law schools. Im curious as to how much is true to this? Any current students have any help or any people from other schools have input? I have also been admitted to U of Alberta, hoping for a couple more to come. Don't really want to go to Alberta and the airport is no where near the school so that also sucks for me. Any help or feedback is appreciated.
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