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  1. It’s people on this site, not my peronal connections lmao. And well now you see it, here “All of Canada”.
  2. How is the question ludicrous, did I for once say I believe them? I just asked why is location considered such an important factor, what does it change. Did you bother reading the whole question ?
  3. People weren’t just talking about in Toronto but in all of Canada...
  4. I wanna know how did McGill convert your Gpa to a 3.3 because a 63% is a 2.3 not 3.3 at McGill? But however, if your gpa does end up as a 3.3 with a 171 lsat score and if you write a good personal statement, from reading a lot of other posts on here, you might at a pretty good chance at a lot of different law schools in Canada. Goodluck
  5. I constantly hear people saying how Ryerson is going to be one of the top 3 schools within 5 years due to location. I just want to know what kind of such a significant difference does the location make, till a point it can make a school top tier?
  6. I have I do meet minimum requirements for some but I do understand that’s not enough. If you have went to law school would you recommend that I take a year off and apply with my last 2 years grades, since the gpa would be a bit better about 3.5/3.6
  7. Hey, I am a 4th year student, my current cGPA is only a 3.0 and my last 2 years is about 3.2/3.3 (however, the school I go to has a different number scale and it writes my gpa as the letter grade A-, so I'm very confused about the confusion too) and in my final year I am getting all A's so hopefully by December it will be about 3.4. My LSAT score is 165. I am doing double major at a very reputed school and I have a lot of ECs, however I understand my GPA might kill all my dreams of going to law school. I was wondering is there any way possible I can still go to any law school in Canada, because this is something I have always wanted to do, and my GPA is only low because I had really bad first and second year at university due to personal tragedies, since my 3rd year I improved my GPA significantly (by 10-15%, and I am continuing that trend in 4th year too). Please let me know if you know of anyone who has been accepted into law school with similar stats. Thank you
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