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  1. No, it doesn't. Not sure about all schools, but I know UBC and a few others will consider you for general even if you apply access and only re-evaluate you as access if you don't pass general round - this is why discretionary applicants hear very late if they got in as discretionary.
  2. I have encountered the same problem, it definitely puts those like us with foreign degrees at a disadvantage. UBC doesn't care much about rectifying it though tbh. FWIW, I still got in with a somewhat lower GPA that was partly so low due to WES.
  3. They were actually quite open with my about it on the phone. I believe that the threshold for auto-admit is just higher now, and the personal statement gets looked at an counts for a third you don't meet that. I could also be misremembering what part was explicitly said and what was suggested/assumed by me though, since this feels like forever ago now.
  4. I turned down UVic recently for UBC and UBC sent a letter stating: "Allard Law is following UBC directives about how to deliver instruction in 2020-21 consistent with public health guidelines. Our expectation at the present time is that in Fall 2020, first year classes will be largely taught through online methods, although we hope to provide opportunities for small groups of students to meet with their instructor and each other in person at the law school and perhaps in other locations as well. That is of course subject to changes in public health guidelines and our ability to meet them. However, these in-person opportunities, should they occur, will not be mandatory and it will be possible for you to complete first-year remotely. Even if we are able to relax these restrictions in second term, and provide more opportunities for in person instruction, we will continue to provide the ability to learn online for those who cannot physically attend for the entirety of 2020-21. As you can imagine, this a complex undertaking and our faculty are hard at work developing online learning experiences that will provide you with excellent instruction. We expect that some of this online learning will take place in real time, while other sessions will be pre-recorded or available to work through at your own pace." Essentially EVERYTHING is going to be online for the first year even if some optional in-class options become available, not just first term. I totally understand why they had to do this and give guidance to struggling students and reassure them that even if they don't move due to Covid in first term, they won't be forced to move halfway though. However, the selfish part in me is very saddened and finds this premature. Any word from UVic?
  5. Hey, just an ignorant 0L here. I got an email from my top choice - UBC and it looks like not only are they planning to have fall 2020 start online, but the entire year will be online with SOME opportunity for in-person classes. I know a lot of this is first-world problems, I am grateful to be accepted to my top choice school and be starting there regardless, on top of this I hope the economy will at least largely recover by the time my class graduates while people in my age group and facing unprecedented unemployment in the years to come. I don't want to sound spoiled or ungrateful and perhaps I will sound this way, because in this moment I am very sad. I had such a clear dream of moving to BC and meeting all these new people and studying at this beautiful campus. Still, I am trying to be pragmatic and think logically, maybe some good will come of this in terms of flexibility and the added uncertainty bringing all of my classmates even closer together. What I want to know is, are there things we will 100% objectively miss out on if the whole year is truly online? Obviously there's subjective things like campus life, more hands-on interaction/comradery and the like. However, what about things like clinics, practical education through placements and talks from prominent individuals? The latter can people be online as well. Clinics as far as I understand are not available to first years until the summer anyway, is this correct? Moots are not either, right? Will 1L end up on paper less employable due to being taught online in your opinion. ___ Also on a separate note a part of me wants to be optimistic and think that UBC put out a statement so early with those struggling due to Covid and uncertainty of the move. Reassuring them they can complete the WHOLE YEAR online with new innovative teaching methods, but if things are much better after first terms they will pretty much re-open most of the school. However, in that case it might be unfair to those who didn't move to being with even if online is meant to be "equivalent" - so maybe even then all will stay online. What do you guys think about this?
  6. Ok, I appreciate the advice. I am not so much worried about UBC being upset I accepted another school as I am about potentially losing $450 due to uncertainty caused by a pandemic. Especially since money is super tight due to said pandemic
  7. I already accepted my UBC offer I want to go there and I paid the deposit - I am just scared I will be unable to due to Covid and wondering if there is a way to provisionally accept Osgoode without paying deposit.
  8. The deposit is due on July 1st according to my school so if I provisionally accept it would at least give me more time to see if things settle down enough that I can move to BC right?
  9. Would really appreciate it if someone can help me out with this! I have decided to go to a school in BC, but with the things being so crazy right now I am not sure if I will be able to sell my current house/be able to move in time? There is another Ontario school I was strongly considering, if I provisionally accept this school - can I later reject it before the auto-firm deadline without accepting another offer through OLSAS? Thank you!
  10. I got into Osgoode and ubc with the same gpa by working really hard on my LSAT, so that gpa by no means disqualifies you!
  11. Can someone do an updated one for UBC/Osgoode? The only ones I see are 10+ years old. What did one poster mean by saying Osgoode has no library?
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