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  1. Received the email yesterday. L2 ~ 3.5 LSAT 170
  2. Yes the loophole is very good for LR. I'd also recommend getting scrib (use the month free subscription) as they have older prep books and a lot of the prep tests on there for free.
  3. I submitted mine in early October and had access the day after. It was an email.
  4. Thank you for the information!
  5. I go to a percentage school so the 3.49 is calculated by converting each of my L2 grades into a GPA and getting the average. The formula looked like this: (GPA1 + GPA2 .... +GPA20)/20 =3.49. The 3.30 was calculated using this formula: (Percentage1+Percentage2...+ Percentage20)/20 = 79.89 and then converting the 79.89% to 3.30.
  6. Percentage school and yes it is my one and only official score.
  7. Hey guys, My LSAT is 170 but my GPA is pretty bad. When I convert each of my L2 grades to GPA I come out with a 3.49 (using U of C's conversion chart - I assumed they should be similar). However, if I just take the average of my L2 it's a 3.30. Do I have a decent shot at acceptance or should I just save my money? Thank you!
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