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  1. I stayed in College Quarter for a year in undergrad and it was nice. Although, the rooms are pretty small and it is a 15 minute walk to the law building. I'm not too sure if it is open to students that aren't in undergrad though. The graduate house is right beside it and it looked decent to live in as well. IMO those two are much better than the other residence buildings. I know you said you want to stay on campus, but I would recommend looking off campus in the broadway area. It is still very close the university and has a bus going to campus every 15 minutes. You're also close to downtown and a bunch of other amenities.
  2. Accepted today. My application was completed Tuesday. L2 ~ 3.5 LSAT 170
  3. @magicsquiel it may be mistaking you for a 4 year degree in which you would have 12 credits to drop and not 6.
  4. Received the email yesterday. L2 ~ 3.5 LSAT 170
  5. Yes the loophole is very good for LR. I'd also recommend getting scrib (use the month free subscription) as they have older prep books and a lot of the prep tests on there for free.
  6. I submitted mine in early October and had access the day after. It was an email.
  7. Thank you for the information!
  8. I go to a percentage school so the 3.49 is calculated by converting each of my L2 grades into a GPA and getting the average. The formula looked like this: (GPA1 + GPA2 .... +GPA20)/20 =3.49. The 3.30 was calculated using this formula: (Percentage1+Percentage2...+ Percentage20)/20 = 79.89 and then converting the 79.89% to 3.30.
  9. Percentage school and yes it is my one and only official score.
  10. Hey guys, My LSAT is 170 but my GPA is pretty bad. When I convert each of my L2 grades to GPA I come out with a 3.49 (using U of C's conversion chart - I assumed they should be similar). However, if I just take the average of my L2 it's a 3.30. Do I have a decent shot at acceptance or should I just save my money? Thank you!
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