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  1. @MountainMon Yes we have a hockey team (not this year cuz of covid) but hockey intramurals are running. I play a bunch. Normal years have a bunch of intramurals, definitely a place where you can find sports.
  2. @legallybound The environment is quite good, everyone is very helpful. There's no cutthroat action (UofT jk jk) The program is quite good in my opinion. Professors are very nice and most of them are very interesting (not all lmao) You can find depth in any niche but ya there are a lot of upper year corporate law courses and Western is the only school where you can take corporate in 1st year. The work load is highly manageable imo if you allocate your time correctly and figure out what you can skip. Cheers
  3. @TheBanhMiBoy No worries! Im a 1L so no experience thus far with recruitment! Cheers
  4. @tornyc For good stats look at the median @https://law.uwo.ca/future_students/jd_admissions/class_profiles.html Extremely easy to find housing! Western has a housing page on their website and theres a couple Facebook pages. Housing is very cheap in London. Find roommates by just reaching out to people or rooming with someone you know. Yes Covid complicates things but not by that much in the roommate context (ur gonna be living with them anyways).
  5. @lawnerd2 The law school has done a really good job with everything. We have in person classes (in masks and socially distanced) for all classes except Constitutional which is absolutely fantastic cuz Zoom classes are just terrible imo. It's definitely harder to meet others outside of our small group but I've found that if you reach out, its possible to make friends and connections. Staff have been exceptionally flexible and accommodating -- no issues on that front. The libraries are mostly closed so I just study at home, but there isn't much that can be done about that one. Daily routine: I have classes 4 days a week. 2 classes each day Monday-Thursday (just over 3 hours a day for 4 days) There's a tad of online material we've had to do online but not much. Cheers
  6. (Been asked by a few ppl to do this) I'm a 1L and am happy to answer you questions
  7. Is it possible to apply for Bursaries without firm acceptance. Like I picked up the 10k scholarship which is great, but its still so expenseive (like 10k tuition + housing which will be like what 4/5k). I know I'm lucky to have received it in the 1st place but its still so much more expensive than other non-ontario schools.
  8. It didnt say what the conditions are
  9. Nope, there werent any conditions, and I dint even get an online acceptance email, only physical, and on Oasis.
  10. I got accepted to Osgoode with a conditional offer, Does it matter if I take 4 courses this semester rather than 5? Thanks!
  11. I'm in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LSAT: 165 GPA: 3.85 Third year applicant Unreal (EDIT: Over OASIS only)
  12. In Via Email: OLASAS CGDAP 3.8 LSAT: 165
  13. LSAT: 165 CGPA: 3.84 (after 2 years) Applying out of third year. I know that my chances are lower due to applying out of third year but what do u think my actual chances are?
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