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  1. You don't need to, but why not. Go for it
  2. I suspect they are treated like pass/fail classes. This is almost certainly true if the grade does not appear on the undergraduate transcript.
  3. What shows up on your undergrad transcript? My suspicion is that they do not factor into the calculation.
  4. I'm genuinely curious about the standards and what people think. Frankly, I have yet to even graduate and find the question of who owes a moral obligation to whom interesting.
  5. Is that not what where the classic “fireback” comes from - where firms know they will fire a number of the employees they are currently hiring quickly?
  6. You won’t know this until after the recruit. Every year has its surprises. Out of everything that you can worry about, I’d recommend putting this at the bottom of the pile.
  7. Osgoode and Dalhousie, Canada’s two oldest law schools - obviously can’t go there 🙃
  8. Oh lol. Yeah that’s not me haha
  9. Who’s Paul? I guarantee you and I have never met.
  10. Maybe I can blame Rebecca Black’s 2011 hit single Friday for destroying my musical tastes, but I do find that song kind of catchy... *cue off pitch singing* ”My LaWyeR TolD ME nOt tO TaLk to YOU!”
  11. Not to belabor the points above, but my undergrad was in a subject where I was not required to write in full sentences on any assignment, ever. Your undergrad degree does not matter - the only laws I learned involved a lot of Greek alphabet characters. Take what you want in undergrad
  12. The other unfortunate truth is that focusing on “firm culture” doesn’t mean much if you are given an offer to one firm.
  13. I think the reason you have gotten push-back here is because the questions you are asking are way too general. What field of law are you talking about? What type of employer are you talking about? What do you define as "terrible"? What do you defined as "no jobs" (because if you mean that literally then the answer is definitely: not true)? What is even a bad job for you? The short answer to all of your questions is: no, that is not true. The long answer needs a more nuanced question.
  14. There are certainly professors to avoid, but this likely isn’t the right forum to air that laundry...
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