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  1. Peter Principle: "people in a hierarchy tend to rise to their "level of incompetence": an employee is promoted based on their success in previous jobs until they reach a level at which they are no longer competent, as skills in one job do not necessarily translate to another." - Wikipedia This basically defined every professional everywhere.
  2. In 1L, you have six courses (ish) which comes to around 15 hours of class a week (no idea how this compares to others). In 2L, it becomes too variable to simply describe. I have seen schedules with upwards of 15 hours per week and schedules with eight hours per week. The world is your oyster after 1L. Have fun.
  3. My measly two cents: Try and get a feeling for the culture of the schools and even the towns in which they’re located. I agree with you that if you want a job in Toronto, Western/Oz (and even Queen’s) give you the same chance. However, you will be spending a lot of time in the town where you will be going to school. Personally, I would much prefer a town like Kingston or London to York but know others who’d prefer the opposite. So, in my opinion, all else being equal, consider the culture in which you will be spending three years.
  4. Do you even lift bro? Personally I max out at the 43 lb bag of rice but hope to reach the 50 lb bag by the end of March. This last bit of rice is the hardest.
  5. I don't understand your point about doubling your salary. You say your receipts come to $300,000. 1/3 of that is $100,000. You say you are at $80,000 now. Also, I can't speak to smaller practices, but there is ample discussion in other threads how bonuses are usually paid at larger firms. 10% is commonly thrown around, but that is of salary (i.e. 10% of $90,000, not $300,000). Bringing it together, the consensus in this thread seems to be that if you are billing around $300,000, then a compensation package of around $100,000 is reasonable. The form of that compensation is what is up for debate.
  6. Don't mention names, dates, times, places, and identifying details. If your description could apply to any number of situations, and there is absolutely no way that anyone you are speaking to can link what you are saying to a particular case, I believe you have met confidentiality. Admittedly, this makes interview questions harder but not impossible. Generally, what did you do? What were your general responsibilities? What did you learn? How? What are your strengths? Can you describe, generally, how you would approach a file?
  7. What are your Best 2 years? And are those two years full-time? There are students at Queen's with a worse LSAT and GPA than you right now. Your stats are below the average but not by much. You are definitely in the ballpark. A strong Personal Statement may be the difference.
  8. I don't think this point is being made by anyone in this thread. The article does illustrate a point many people have been trying to make - we are at the greatest point of human history from a technological, social, and wealth perspective. To argue otherwise is disingenuous. We can always do more but I don't think there is any time I would rather live in than right now in 2019. Billy Joel wrote the following song (in 1989!) when a 21-year-old told him that it was a terrible time to be 21. Would anyone in this thread want to return to 1989 to live life as it was back then? What about 1979? 1969?
  9. Ignoring all ethical, moral, and legal elements, I have to point out the OP's boss seems quite stupid. They are paying a lawyer's salary for high school tutor work. I'm pretty certain I could find companies online willing to write an essay for $50...maybe there's a reason the office has no work.
  10. To keep you, no. But, I think the reference to grades applies to seeking other work with a different firm if you are let go.
  11. I think this song sums up my thoughts perfectly (take particular note of the part about running):
  12. Good luck with the applications next year OP.
  13. My 2 cents (think about how much what that will get you!): 1. You need good grades and LSAT scores to get into law school (already mentioned in chat) 2. No amount of volunteering will get you into law school if you are not in the ballpark (already mentioned) 3. Volunteering helps with borderline applications (go back and read #1 and #2) 4. Volunteering with a law firm is no more beneficial than volunteering with an NGO (and could be worse), despite "experience in law" 5. The only real benefit of your job (yes, it is a job) is exposing you to elements of PI to a small degree so that you can see if you like it. Do you like it? Don't go spending all of this in one place
  14. You know more than I do - I am not involved in the process. Ignore my earlier comment.
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