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  1. To echo everyone else who's commented, take the higher paying job.
  2. Scotia has the biggest loc with the best rate I could negotiate when I did it. They also put very few restrictions on when and how it could be used
  3. ren·e·gade (rĕn′ĭ-gād′) n. 1. One who rejects a religion, cause, allegiance, or group for another; a deserter. 2. An outlaw; a rebel. adj. Of, relating to, or resembling a renegade; traitorous. intr.v. ren·e·gad·ed, ren·e·gad·ing, ren·e·gades To become a deserter or an outlaw. Sorry, couldn't resist. You could approach the professor to see if they would ok if you left.
  4. Well all law schools start giving acceptances out way before the end of the semester, so no. No idea if they change your GPA when you finish the year in May.
  5. Most calls go out by 5:05 in my experience. There are some that come later, especially for government or smaller firms, but those are definitely a minority
  6. Most offers go out by 5:05. Some of the Government and smaller firms are more delayed but the vast majority go out very quickly.
  7. Depends on the firm. Some firms only do one interview and you can get a job on Tuesday with that one interview.
  8. It can only benefit you to ask if she will write you a strong reference. There is nothing weird about that sort of request.
  9. Most classrooms at my law school have power outlets at every seat now Unfortunately I too am looking for a laptop atm as mine is dying an ugly death. I've been looking into a Dell XPS with at least 512GB SSD and as much ram as I can get
  10. I doubt you’ll be able to physically set up that schedule but if you can, do it. I just think it’s next to impossible.
  11. In my experience it depended on the firm.
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