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  1. Maybe in two weeks they’ll even have a committee set up to assess the definition of a student
  2. I suspect the start date will simply be postponed along with the end date. If the start date is in June, the end date will be at the end of August. The same time with the same work, just delayed by a month.
  3. I leave this site for 24 hrs and return to one of the weirdest discussions I have seen on this site... ...photos of students? Who’s a sweetheart? What?
  4. In total, I have heard that Stikeman, McCarthy's, and Osler have pushed back their start dates to June
  5. Is that where we are (note: I am too lazy to get the latest stats)? I know that Queen's has opt in after grades are released.
  6. For a $100 deposit, you can probably get a room with the U of T residences...at least until those too are shut down.
  7. But that's the thing right. Queen's decision basically gives people the option of entering p/f or not. If you are likely to be (legitimately) adversely affected by the situation, void all of your grades. If you are like the other 93% of students, reveal all of your grades. The choice is really a binary one. I think this solution is the best one for students.
  8. Some moots didn't even have the chance to take place
  9. Greeter at Walmart with little stress?!? Have you ever visited https://www.peopleofwalmart.com/?
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