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  1. I got in last year with a 3.75 and 157. Softs are hard to judge so I won't try, but with a couple years work experience. I think it was in April or May I heard back? Sometime in the latter half, but not the absolute end iirc. Agree with others that one more write may be worth the grind.
  2. To be fair its not just one assignment. There's other grades too, and they're solid enough. Plus by the time applications are due midterm marks and term participation will be in as well. I very well may not be competitive, but there's more than one thing!
  3. Thanks again guys. Probably was a dumb question in the first place, but I was mad at myself and probably overthought it a bit. Thanks for the sober comments... helps frame everything. Much appreciated. Time to kill midterms -- we keep on trucking.
  4. Yeah I can't imagine so either. Just was frustrated with myself and wanted to put it out there I guess.
  5. Hey all, Wanted to solicit a bit of advice here for those who have gone through the 1L summer process. We got information recently about summer postings in TO and elsewhere, and in the email it said that on top of the transcript (which will only have one grade on it) we should be prepared to submit a list of marks received by class to date. No general problem with that, they have been solid, if few (not many graded things yet). However, in one class I screwed up. I had written down the assignment (worth a mere 5%) was due at 10pm. Turns out, it was due earlier that day and I lost 10% of the grade for being late when I submitted it. I've beaten myself up over this for a while, and am quite pissed off I did that, but I did, and I can't change it now. Totally take responsibility for that mistake. When I saw that email about providing a list of marks my heart kind of sank a bit, because one of the only ones I'll have to list on that supplementary list now went from pretty good to, uh... not great. Having never engaged with a legal employer, I guess my question is should I note this is any way on the document I submit? Or just list it and let the cards fall where they may. I hope that it alone won't preclude me from any success this summer, but if it does so be it I suppose. I don't want to turn it into a big thing and I realize that I can totally recover the grade for the class overall -- there's literally 95% still to come, but I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts about addressing it or if it's going to really come back to bite me vis a vis this summer. Thanks!
  6. As a current student who went though this process last cycle, I cannot stress enough that luckycharm is right. Took me until like March/April to start hearing things sans Ottawa, it very well could be months. You'll be fine pacman.
  7. I'll give you -200 that we hear by the end of the month, based on nothing but the few comments above. I would not make a good bookie.
  8. I'm gonna move. Hopefully some in-class occurs, some facilities are open, etc. Plus I don't really feel like living with family. So Sept 1 off we go.
  9. Ahhh, April 2019 though. I think it should count by my reading, but I suppose I have a reason to interpret the rules in that way, lol.
  10. Hi all, Today is a start of a new CSEB period, and due to work over the previous period this would be the first one I seemingly qualify.... Has anyone called the CRA for any guidance on whether starting law school in Sept. counts as eligibility for the benefit? Graduated April 2019 from UG. It seems like we would be good, but I suppose technically we have not enrolled yet exactly.
  11. Hi all, Logged onto SOLUS today and can see this message: You have successfully accepted your offer of admission. Payment of your acceptance deposit has been received (JD applicants only). Thank you. Only issue being I haven't paid that 500 bucks. Anyone else seeing this? Should I just pay anyway? Contact Queen's?
  12. This makes me a little sad to read. Finally sinking in, I think. Fuckin pandemic.
  13. I on the other hand really want to escape my family. Lol. I feel you though. After living away from home for 5 years I moved back for this summer after my job plan got sputtered and its been a culture shock.
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