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  1. Yes, but accepted students can still withdraw after June 15th. Although I suppose the underlying assumption is that any student can withdraw at any point for any reason. I didn't mention the deadline since I know a few people are still considering dropping and are willing to lose the deposit! We'll see how many of them go through with it though.
  2. It's late June and a few posts in other threads have essentially answered your question but this year we have seen really limited movement. My understanding is that at this point the 1L group is set, however, all accepted applicants have been given an opportunity to withdraw up until the end of August (or something like that) so fingers crossed enough students will drop!
  3. I think there is an entire thread in the (general) section comparing schools!
  4. She* and yes! I think the PS matters for the people who are not clear auto-admits. Fingers crossed for you! Keep faith!
  5. I was literally in your position (and frame of mind) until yesterday! Don't give up hope. I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason. Right before I got the email from Allard I got a call confirming that I wasn't chosen for a job that I really wanted. If you don't get in this year then you have an extra year to add to your resume and get a job! If you do get in then that's awesome too. I know it is really easy for me to preach when I've been accepted but I hope this helps a little bit! If you ever need to talk I am available.
  6. So excited that I've been admitted but I was wondering if anyone was willing to share their experiences about 1L? What is the lecture schedule like? How are the exams set up? Is it worth it to live on campus? Everything and anything really! Thanks!
  7. Can't believe I'm actually writing this but I got accepted (still not sure if this is an April Fool's joke by Allard but I'm praying it's not haha). 84.1% GPA w/drops 163 LSAT UBC is my #1 school (and also the only school I applied to) so I am beyond shocked and excited.
  8. What did you write in your PS if you don't mind me asking?
  9. I applied early (beginning of October). My stats are relatively low though with an 84.1 GPA and a 163 LSAT but I think I have a strong PS (worked in a government branch where I analyzed and applied the law, wrote legal decisions, etc) so I'm hoping that can put me over the top to get accepted. But the index numbers I've seen on this forum have been pretty high (higher than I think I've seen in previous years) so we'll see.
  10. I called last week (? maybe two weeks ago) and they said my PS was with the Review Committee and they would "know more" after... I have been so impatient waiting. I just want to know! What are your stats if you don't mind me asking?
  11. I would contact the Admissions Office. I've only had good experiences when I called them and they will be able to provide you with the best info.
  12. Hi all, I'll edit the post but I wanted to let you know that it was approved on Friday the 4th so 5 days after submission!
  13. Call LSAC or if it gives you the option of launching the writing sample then just do it.
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