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  1. I would contact the Admissions Office. I've only had good experiences when I called them and they will be able to provide you with the best info.
  2. Hi all, I'll edit the post but I wanted to let you know that it was approved on Friday the 4th so 5 days after submission!
  3. Call LSAC or if it gives you the option of launching the writing sample then just do it.
  4. Do it asap. They just approved mine so I only had to wait less than a week but I've heard of people waiting way longer and schools can't review your application until LSAC sends them your scores (which they won't do until they approve your writing sample). My biggest worry was that it would take them 3 weeks to review and they would tell me there was a security concern after which I would have to wait another three weeks haha
  5. How long has everyone been waiting for their writing sample to be approved? I'm an idiot and only did it on September 28 which means the schools can't see my LSAT score until LSAT approves it and I'm worried they're gonna take their sweet time. I know they say 1-3 weeks but I know a few people who have waited more so I'm just curious to get some info from this group.
  6. By F21 I meant the people who will be starting law school in Fall of 2021. Aka a rep said that they would make the personal statement more important in the admissions process for people hoping to start in Fall of 2021 (applying in Fall of 2020) but I believe with these changes that the PS is more important even in this cycle (for those of us applying right now to hopefully start in Fall of 2020). Hope this makes a bit more sense haha
  7. Take a look and see what they are asking for now. A rep at Allard told me the school would be making the PS more important in the next admission cycle (F21) but this change makes me believe that the change is happening now.
  8. Thanks for the responses everyone! I guess I will write it I just wanted to see what others were thinking. And yes, I am aware of the predatory nature of the law schools in the States, I have no interest in going there and if anyone knows how to make the emails stop I would really appreciate it. Only applying to a few Canadian schools.
  9. Since they have the written portion of the LSAT separate from the actual test, do we actually* have to do it? I know LSAC says that the answer is yes but will they really not reveal your LSAT score to schools if you don't complete it? I know that my score is available to schools right now (because they won't stop emailing me about my score and how I should apply) but will CAD schools really not get to see your score?
  10. Anybody interested in reviewing each other's personal statements? Let me know!
  11. 84.1 with drops and 163 on the July LSAT. Predictors have me as "highly likely" of being accepted but I'm not sure after talking with a few people... any thoughts? My index is 91.49. Thanks!
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