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  1. In queue for review. OLSAS cGPA 3.83 LSAT 158.
  2. I'm interested in Osgoode, Western, and Queens particularly in that order. Will rewriting the 158 LSAT significantly improve my chances if I get a 160 or will I be ok sticking with the 158?
  3. Hey everyone, I just finished writing my first personal statement for UofT. I was hoping someone would we willing to take a look at it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to pm me if you are willing.
  4. Yup I called them and everything has been resolved!
  5. Hi, I was registered to write the September LSAT and I purchased CAS accidentally and asked for a refund. However, I was issued a refund for the LSAT instead. Is there anyway to fix this I am certain that this was not a mistake on my behalf!
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