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  1. I have 19 hours of class total for this semester.
  2. Yes I checked the later weeks and for this semester its 3 days of class throughout. In the winter semester I have a more spread out schedule over 5 days. I'll see you at Queen's!
  3. For this upcoming semester my schedule is composed of only 3 days of classes which I found odd. Is this a typical 1L schedule? Instead of the classes being spread out a bit more throughout the week they are instead stacked up one after another. On one of the days I have 7.5 hours worth of classes of which 6 hours are straight in a row. My worry was that such a stacked schedule would make it difficult to stay focused as the day goes on. Can any upper year students relieve my concerns? Is this not a problem at all and perfectly normal for the average 1L schedule or are my concerns valid?
  4. Yea my bad majority was the wrong term to use. However, if the rest of the 1L class responded I do think it is likely that the majority consensus would still be in favour of moving to Kingston.
  5. There was a poll done on the Queen's law class of 2023 Facebook page a little over a month ago. Out of 85 votes, 81 people indicated that they would move to Kingston while 4 indicated that they would remain at home. Assuming nothing has changed it would seem that the majority of students are looking to move to Kingston in the fall, including myself. Also, I need roommates so y'all should slide into my DMs.
  6. Accepted today! Was starting to think I screwed up my PS cause it was taking so long lol. cGPA 3.81 LSAT 158, 153, 159 Best
  7. If you log into OASIS and scroll down you will find it.
  8. I believe this answers your question. https://imgur.com/a/fnUab5Y
  9. I did not apply to Ottawa as I would like to stay as close to Toronto as possible.
  10. Hey guys, I have a cGPA: 3.81, L2: 3.83, LSAT: 158 --> 153 --> 159. What are my chances for Osgoode, Queens, and Western?
  11. I thought the admission cycle for Queens only begins in January or do they start reviewing files earlier? Also, when I look at SOLUS it says "University Decision: Pending" although it has always stated that from the start. Is that what you meant by a decision may be pending?
  12. I have a 3.83 cGPA and 158 LSAT but scored significantly lower on my second write with a 153. I plan to rewrite in January but as of right now how competitive of an applicant am I and will the lower score have a negative impact on my application?
  13. In queue for review. OLSAS cGPA 3.83 LSAT 158.
  14. I'm interested in Osgoode, Western, and Queens particularly in that order. Will rewriting the 158 LSAT significantly improve my chances if I get a 160 or will I be ok sticking with the 158?
  15. Hey everyone, I just finished writing my first personal statement for UofT. I was hoping someone would we willing to take a look at it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to pm me if you are willing.
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