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  1. If it helps, I know someone who got in with a 80.xx cGPA and a 170 LSAT. It's definitely possible to overcome a mediocre GPA with a killer LSAT!
  2. I was a splitter as well and can maybe provide some insight. My cGPA was calculated by OLSAS as being 3.34 (I blame calculus) and I got into UBC first-round with a 168 LSAT. That being said, UBC calculated my cGPA as being 84% (A-) so your GPA can really vary depending on who's calculating. I find UBC to be very generous with their GPA calculations. I can't speak to Dal as I did not apply, but UBC considers LSAT/GPA/Essay equally: 33/33/33. If your LSAT+GPA score is high enough, they won't read your essay and will auto-admit you (this happened to me). I spoke with the admissions department extensively during my application cycle and so I know a fair bit about the process. Feel free to DM me if you have questions. Hope this helps!
  3. I don't think it would be. UBC rounds to two decimal points as far as I'm aware, so you'd be evaluated with your 78.55
  4. My status checker has changed to offer! I think offers are going out now!
  5. I just checked my status online. It's changed to "Offer" as of this morning! It's happening! Stats: 83% cGPA (confirmed by UBC) 168 LSAT Current UBC student
  6. You'll want to calculate your cgpa for UBC. UBC considers all credits towards your bachelor's degree, so they'll consider your Alberta GPA as part of your cGPA. You can use this calculator to get an accurate account of what UBC will consider your cGPA: http://lsutil.azurewebsites.net/UBC/GPA
  7. I think you have a good shot! Not an auto-admit I don't think, and this year is a little unpredictable due to the new admissions process, but I think you should be in. If not first round then soon after. You can use the index formula to calculate your admission index. 0.2678*GPA + 0.1986*LSAT + 36.5952 I calculated your index to be 91.9. Generally the auto-admit range has been 92+ so I think you're in good shape!
  8. Of course! I have decent access to the admissions staff (seeing as I can just walk on over to Allard) so I thought I'd share what I knew.
  9. I'm actually a UBC undergraduate currently. I guess I'm in it for the long haul! I've got no interest in heading out east for work so UBC is a pretty clear choice for me.
  10. Same! I'm still considering McGill but I think Allard is the place for me
  11. No worries! Congratulations on your unofficial offer. Do you think UBC is where you're going to go? Sorry, do you think ALLARD is where you're going to go (don't sue me Peter)
  12. I think you have until March or April to accept or decline. Don't worry, there's plenty of time.
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