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  1. I guess I've been looking at UofT's admission averages too long because it feels pretty low to me. Thank you for your kind words
  2. I'm not sure how UVic calculates their index. cGPA (%): 80% without drops (~83% with 6 credit drop) LSAT: 168 Do I have a shot? I'm concerned about my low cGPA.
  3. The website is a little unclear about this, so I figured I would ask here. From the admissions website: " However, we do exclude 12 of your worst credits if you have a four-year degree. Generally, this is the equivalent of four semester-long courses, or two year-long courses. If you are in your third year when you apply, we will exclude 6 of your worst credits. Please note that if you are currently enrolled in your final year, those final-year courses will not be included in the calculation of your GPA." (emphasis mine). I find this a little ambiguous. I am applying while in my fourth year, but I don't graduate until May. So, I do not have a four-year degree, nor am I in my third year. Will UBC exclude 12 or 6 of my worst credits?
  4. From the admissions website: "The deadline for applications is December 1st. The deadline for supporting documents (transcripts, letters of reference, etc.) is January 31st. The January writing of the LSAT will be permitted. Upper-year applications are due by April 30th; first-year law school transcripts may arrive by the first week of June if necessary." However, since it's rolling admission you do lower your chances by taking the LSAT so late.
  5. How important is the personal statement? Has anyone written theirs already? Any tips?
  6. I have a friend who is also applying to UBC law for 2020 admission and I'd like to know his chances as well. His cGPA is 80 and his LSAT is 170. I think this puts his index at 91.78.. is that good enough?
  7. I'm applying to UBC Allard for 2020 entry and want a realistic look at my chances. I have a cGPA of 82.96 with drops (80.96 without) and I scored 168 on the July 2019 LSAT. Anyone have any insight?
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