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  1. Waitlisted after being Deferred. cGPA 3.35/L2 3.6 LSAT 161
  2. I submitted my application in November and my school (Western) has yet to send in my winter grades... its pretty backed up.
  3. Ontario resident (no connection to the east coast). my cgpa without drops I am not fully sure with this semesters marks but probably a 3.45 ish. General category.
  4. Accepted today!!! 161 LSAT and around a 3.5 gpa with drops! Ontario Resident, normal category. Super excited as this is my first acceptance and I just finished up my fourth year.
  5. Deferred decision today. cGPA 3.3 L2 3.5 or 3.6 im not sure... and a 161 LSAT. Currently in my 4th year at Western.
  6. Two months maybe? Im not exactly sure.
  7. Waitlisted yesterday! cGPA 3.40 LSAT 161 Any idea how long people have been waiting on this list before getting in?
  8. Waitlisted this afternoon. LSAT 161 L2: 3.45 (ish I am still in fourth year)
  9. Hi Everyone, I am currently going into my fourth year. my cGPA is sitting at a 3.45 due to low second year marks. My third year GPA was 3.7 and I am hoping for my fourth year to be similar. March 2019 LSAT= 155, July 2019= 161. I am looking into Western, Queens, Ottawa, Dal and possibly U Vic. Is it worth it to rewrite my LSAT or should I just stick with my stats as they are? Brutal honestly is welcomed
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