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  1. If you had 4 years at 5 full-year courses per year that would be 120 credits so you get to drop 18 credits which is 3 full-year courses (or 6 one-term courses). Uvic uses 3 units = 1 full year course so for 60 units you get to drop 9 units which is 3 full-year courses (or 6 one-term courses).
  2. Thanks a lot for the reply. Though did you have similar drops? Do they actually drop that many courses? It seems too good to be true...
  3. This is after dropping my 30 worst credits (10 courses) as I have 165 undergraduate credits from doing a double major and switching degrees. I think this gives me a 910 index? (3.8*125)+(87*5) = 910. Without the drops my GPA is 3.5 (78%) - using UBC's GPA equivalency. Should I take the October LSAT to try to increase my score?
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