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  1. Should I fly out for Welcome Day? I've got an option for a cheap flight. I'm deciding between Queen's and Dalhousie.
  2. Got the acceptance email this morning! 3.78cGPA with drops, 163 LSAT. BC resident, UBC alum. Applied on Oct. 31.
  3. I know; "pending" really makes it seem imminent.
  4. So my best two consecutive years for GPA are my first and second years which were at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and UBC, respectively. I transferred to UBC and finished my degree there. Will they consider this as my best two years? Kwantlen became a university in 2008 and prior to that was a college but I think it's still often treated as a jumping off point for students to transfer to other universities.
  5. I also received the email and have the "Decision Pending" status. Based on last year and their website it looks like the first offers are sent out in January.
  6. Thanks! You as well. I did read elsewhere that this likely means I'm below the auto-admit index, but I figured if anything I would be squeaking in (hence why I'm rewriting the LSAT in January).
  7. Now at "Law - to committee for review". Could be a while before it changes again.
  8. Yup in the same boat here. I'm rewriting the LSAT in January but hoping I might get in with what I have.
  9. If you had 4 years at 5 full-year courses per year that would be 120 credits so you get to drop 18 credits which is 3 full-year courses (or 6 one-term courses). Uvic uses 3 units = 1 full year course so for 60 units you get to drop 9 units which is 3 full-year courses (or 6 one-term courses).
  10. Thanks a lot for the reply. Though did you have similar drops? Do they actually drop that many courses? It seems too good to be true...
  11. This is after dropping my 30 worst credits (10 courses) as I have 165 undergraduate credits from doing a double major and switching degrees. I think this gives me a 910 index? (3.8*125)+(87*5) = 910. Without the drops my GPA is 3.5 (78%) - using UBC's GPA equivalency. Should I take the October LSAT to try to increase my score?
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