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  1. 1. Bold of you to assume I'm a "she." 2. If other people want to eat lunch, fine, schedule yourself a lunch break. That's my point, there's so much more utility when we set our own schedules. People eat in class all the time. And "in the middle of the week" is precisely the problem. Why have it Wednesday and not Friday? Three day weekends? See where I'm going here?
  2. Okay, listen here, ass hat. I like to do my reading at home, the way I've been doing it for the past four years during my undergrad. Obviously it worked for me since I got into law school. I'm not interested in lugging my books all over Hell's half acre trying to find a quiet corner of the library or student lounge to read in when I can do it from the comfort of my couch with an old fashioned. Furthermore, I don't need someone to block out time in the middle of my day for me to do my readings since I'm a night owl as is. It would be much more productive for me, and undoubtedly others, if we could set our own schedules. By the way, the period goes inside of the quotation mark. Idiot.
  3. I know for certain Dalhousie, Robson Hall, and the U of A do.
  4. Does anyone else think the 1L schedule is f*cking stupid? A three hour break on Tuesdays, Wednesdays off, and we don't get to leave until 3:30? Why not let us decide our own schedules like multiple other universities so we don't have to sit with our collective thumbs up our asses for two-three hours a day? And no, I don't need a lunch break, I'm a grown up.
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